The play 'Sound Story', intended for the literally youngest audience, that of 1.5 up, will celebrate 11. even February 150. performance in just three years from the premiere! And though from 2014. Playing on average once a week is still ongoing - sold out.

A small scene is the only Croatian theater that has been producing performances for the youngest audience for the whole decade, from the age of 1.5 to 5 years. So far, there have been reports of 'Cloud Story', 'Story of the Wheel', 'Light Story' and 'Water Story', and in February, 2014, they also joined 'Sound Story'.

The performance was created as the author of the collective project of SKROZ and was preceded by a monthly multidimensional research involving numerous experts from different disciplines to examine and potentially shift the limits of sound perception and its connection to other senses; cognitive and emotional development of the youngest audience.

For example, for the first time, the pioneering technology of the Modular Musical Instruments of the most renowned European Center for Audiovisual Research - the French IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique) is being used for the first time as an upgrading of the sensational discoveries of the founder of SUVAG, Petra Guberine!

Sound is, in fact, the first experience of the outside world that children perceive in the mother's abdomen, such as the sound of the newborn's womb is the first sign of his coming to the world. Only children born recognize and soothingly experience the mother's voice, and already familiar sounds (steps, bathing water, etc.) for three months are provoked by excitement. At the same time, children begin to recognize and locate the sources of sound and their space, while the space itself will visually be able to perceive itself only at the later age.

But despite all this - the perception of the sound itself as well as the ability to listen to children - the modern education attaches very little attention, except when it comes to music or otherwise - stories.

Sound is, however, far more than that.

The associations that the sounds (in the broadest sense of the word, including their harmoniously organized series, or music), cause to the individual listener - are far more different than is the case with any and even the most ridiculous representation in the image, word and / or motion. They can speak to them independently of language or climate; pictures are incomparably more colorful and impressive than those that can be said to them, especially to the youngest audience, with words or (television) picture.

The next performance of the show is 'Small Scene' on Friday 10. February of 18 hours, and on Saturday 11. February of 10 and 11: 30 hours.