Sandra Švaljek

Candidate for Zagreb Mayor Sandra Švaljek warned of the neglect and untenable condition in the Zagreb Holding. Poor workers, and the surplus of employees at headquarters, agency workers who say, are working in disastrous conditions, outdated fleet, old estate property that has not been invested for decades and the like. Everything will, promise, fix it when it becomes a mayor.

Svaljek said that a major problem in Holding is agency workers who, unlike colleagues in employment contracts, have virtually no rights, work for low wages, and Holding also violates the Labor Law.

- It's always between 500 and 700 agency workers in different branches and companies. Here, in Cleopatra is currently a 191 agency worker. What is to be noted is that people are people whose work character is neither seasonal nor temporary or occasional. These are people who are continually working. This violates the Work Act, article 48, because as we know, the work of such workers can be used continuously for 3 years. If they do the same jobs for more than three years - the Labor Law is violated - she noted Sandra Švaljek at a press conference to be held in the tram, number 13 moving from Kvaternik Square, but due to the large number of journalists, was held at the tram station.

The whistle also spoke about working conditions in the Holding Company and about occupational safety. He claims that Holding's fleet is old between 13 and 29 years, that the buildings are in disastrous condition, and protective clothing and footwear almost does not exist.

- The Facility at Remire on which repairs to ZET vehicles is the best example, the object is an 80 year old, built 1937 years. It is completely unsuitable for working conditions today. The roof of the waste, the channels are not tailored to the repair of low-floor trams and the people working there have to work in difficult conditions. Not to mention protective clothing and footwear that is not adequate, which runs out in a very short time. These are not adequate working conditions - he concludes Švaljek.

She also addressed the Basic Collective Agreement, which the Management Board, with the blessing of Milan Bandic, had unilaterally canceled last year. The workers, however, now have a new Collective Agreement, but Svaljek thinks it was wrong to cancel it so unilaterally.

Unlike a press conference a few months ago, when she talked about hiring in the Holding, just hours after the same conference was held by the unionists from Holding, they were with her today. Dražen Jović from the ZET Employee Union said they have a shortage of qualified drivers, although new people are constantly employed despite Milan Bandic's ban on employment in the City Administration and Holding which is still in place.

The journalist Švaljek and Jovic commented on the case of Marica Špeher, a former human resources director at ZET, who was fired after allegedly publishing massive information at Holding.

- What we are witnessing, as we have already said, is that employment restriction is valid on the one hand and people on the other are employed obviously on a family or political level. This creates a very ugly feeling for currently employed workers. It reduces their rights and does not improve their working conditions. In addition, there is a feeling of discrimination. Employees who get hired receive high coefficients, from 4 to more, while on the other hand we have agency workers who really work in impossible conditions - it was categorical Švaljek.

Sandra Švaljek, in the end, is still a car dealer - from Kvatrica to the central city square. She bought her a ticket and canceled it, and she was ready to bribe journalists.