The new terrace of Tome Horvatinčić

The flower square turns slowly into the Terrace Square. Next to the shopping center there was a new, and again, the terrace of the entrepreneur Tome Horvatinčić.

Šthis is about the permissions of the city office this time, it's all clear, so the mayor Milan Bandic will not have to inervice and rescue the thing. A short response from the Head of the Office for Spatial Planning, Construction of the City and Communal Affairs Dinka Bilić transfer in full:

- We inform you that the company HOTO CVJETNI doo from Zagreb, Trg Petra Preradović 6 issued a solution for setting up an open terrace on the public area in Zagreb, Trg Petar Preradović - Sv. Transformations of 01.01.2017. years.

The story with Horvatinčić's terraces, we recall, began last October in October, when an entrepreneur tried to raise a huge metal building just next to the Orthodox church fence. Citizens rebuffed, local politicians rebelled, organized protests and swiftly intervened Mayor Bandic and ordered removal of disputed terraces. He was right that he did not know anything about it and corrected the failure. But very soon, Horvatinčić raised a new terrace, in front of the entrance to the shopping center, right next to the two existing ones, and now put another one, though the first is rarely filled.

Unlike the first terrace, this has no wooden floor already the 24 table and 90's chair is laid on concrete. But as we learn, Horvatinčić's terrace should look like the first one - with a wooden floor, umbrellas and heaters.

City politicians, MPs in the City Assembly, were disgusted by the move by Tome Horvatinčić and such decisions of the City Administration led by Bandić.

"Obviously some people in our town are allowed to do everything and they can do everything because they are friends and buddies. And it is not a problem in them, but in the one who persists in the masochistic choice of the mayor who allows it. Zagreb should finally cease to be a city without criteria and rules, where only selected can prosper - told HNS's Tomislav Stojak.

- Zagreb is a citizen, not a catering terrace. The new Horvatinčić terrace on the Flower Square is a confirmation that instead of general arrangement of the terrace on the Flower Square we have a general mess in the public space. Citizens are angry because private interest should not be in the interest of citizens. I expect the Mayor to fulfill the promise he gave in October 2016 when he said he would find a solution for landscaping on the Cvjetni Square in direct agreement with the public and citizens - he told Alen Ostojić from HSLS.

- Public spaces are a key component of modern, open and developed cities that Zagreb needs to be. Unfortunately, there is less and less space available for passers-by in the city center. I think this terrace is unnecessary and redundant. Zagreb belongs to people, not to the private interests of Milan Bandic, his friends and jumbo - commented on new Horvatinčić's terrace SDP-ovac Dominik Etlinger.

We asked the city office, and did Tomo Horvatinčić still have some solutions, for some new terraces in Cvjetni Square, but we did not get the answer to that question.