Mayor Milan Bandić met with Anko Slonjšak, the Gender Equality Ombudsperson, who met him in the City Hall today, who, among other things, met the problems of people with disabilities regarding the adaptation of the housing facilities they live in.

It was agreed that in the next three months the existing buildings in Zagreb will be analyzed to determine which buildings are without lifts, ie without proper access.
There will be a proposal to amend the GUP in the section that talks about the facilities where the lifts are to be built. Also, a list of persons with disabilities living in such buildings will be made to see how it can be helped, especially those who do not have the means to make these changes, said the Ombudsperson Slonjšak.

People with disabilities face major parking problems due to non-compliance with the accessibility sign. That is why we have decided to initiate joint activities with which we will go towards the ministries in whose jurisdiction the Rulebook on Accessibility is intended to prevent abuses and reduce administrative procedures in ensuring the implementation of this right.

They also talked about the frequent complaints of disabled people - dog guide dogs and rehabilitator dogs on taxi drivers because they refuse to drive if they are in the company of dogs.
For two weeks we will meet again and try to make certain adjustments to make the taxi transport available to all citizens, regardless of whether they are disabled, by the Ombudsman Slonjšak.

Višnja Fortuna, head of the City Office for Social Welfare and Disabled Persons, has particularly highlighted the problem of devastating the built-in lifts for people with disabilities in the outskirts, noting that they will start setting up a camera in the underpasses.