ZagrebDox, the most important regional documentary film festival, is traditionally held in Zagreb in late February and early March. From Sunday, 26. February to Sunday, 5. March at Kaptol Boutique Cinema will feature more than 120 of fascinating and exciting documentary stories from around the world. The thirteenth edition of the rich festival was presented at a press conference on Thursday, 9. February Festival Director Nenad Puhovski, Producer Lucija Parać and Sanja Milinović, Director of the Department for Direct Market Entry in Croatian Telecom, general sponsor of the festival.

In the international competition 13. ZagrebDox included 21 documentary film. Like every year, several titles in Zagreb come with prestigious nominations or prizes. In addition to the films that were nominated for Oscar, Nero Days, Alexa Gibney, Cameraperson, Kirsten Johnson, and Nanny Wang, Hooligan Sparrow, came to life as a cartoon in the round of the prestigious Academy Award (Life, Animated) directed by Roger Red Williams.

An Extraordinary Danish Documentary The War Show, directed by Andreas Dalsgaard and Obaidah Zytoon, is also taking part in the Big Stamp, which at ZagrebDox arrives at the prestigious jury prize of the Venice Film Festival. It was born in the form of a videotape of a director in which an intimate association of friends and young activists was recorded, and in the course of the Arab Spring, the film testifies about the tragic destiny of Syria. The American documentary The Eagle Huntress directed by Otta Bella tells the story of a thirteen-year-old girl Aisholpan, who will become the first woman to bow to the twelfth generation of her nomad family from Mongolian mountain huts. The film has won a significant number of awards, including the Cinema Eye Award and the Best Documentary Award at Hamptons, "said Nenad Puhovski.

In addition to the US, which prevails by the number of titles (seven), it is interesting that six international documentaries from Poland, a country with a long and rich documentary tradition, are included in this year's international competition. The Polish Invasion at ZagrebDox is led by 21 x New York, a hypnotic film portrait by New York and New Yorker directed by Piotra Stasika, and a particularly interesting and fresh poetry brings Polish Hybrid Documentary and Fiction All That Sleepless Nights, a film about "Youth in full of splendor "from Michał Marczak's Polish Warsaw street, which was rewarded for Sundance.

A total of 21 documentary films will also compete for the Great Stamp in the regional competition, which includes nine Croatian titles this year. It is about the movies: The Girl of the Dollars of Damir Terešak, Jedi, Sleep, Eat, Sleep by Djurd Gavran, Marathoners Biljana Čakić, Bojnik Kristijan Milić, recorded in co-production of Croatia and Austria, Unsuccessful by Ljiljana Šišmanović, They only come and leave Boris Polak, You can be all you want Roberto Tomic Zuber, Simpl Silvestra Kolbas and Buffet Ironworks Goran Dević. Croatian films and authors will be presented separately on Dox's socializing with domestic authors a week ahead of ZagrebDox.