The Zagreb Arena Center will host 11. and 12.02.2017. the most famous masks of Samobor fašnika. The announcement is 191. releases of one of the largest and most popular Fascists in the region, which will be from 17. to 28.02. take place in the streets of Samobor. A lot of masks, good dancing, and a number of fascinating tricksters are just part of this two-day event and it's a good idea for many to come and find out what's "crazy" at Samobor's masks. The bait for the youngest will be Sraka, Prince, Sudec and Fiškal and an opportunity to imagine through their imagination their masking vision.

There is nothing to go without the well-known Samobor donut, so all the little and adults with the masks on their heads will deserve this favorite treat of Samobor's goddess, and everyone else gets the chance to be part of this beautiful masked story through the picture. The Samobor Fascist will present himself with his most famous masks, customs, rich tradition, and all that has for years marked this event in one of those events in a year you should not miss. The rich 191 program will also be presented. Samobor band, big star music concerts, children's boobs, local committees and all accompanying events for everyone who wants a good time.