On the occasion of the Archaeological Museum Day in Zagreb, 10. February, the entrance to the Zrinjevac Museum will be free throughout the day. On that day, the Museum is marked by 159. the birth anniversary of Josip Brunshmid, the director of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the first professor of archeology in Croatia.

On that occasion will be presented the book "Archaeological Museum in Zagreb - life of 19. to 21. century documentary museum Ane Solter, which faithfully follows the activities of the Museum and its staff from the first years of its origins to today.

Visitors can see and have just completed a permanent exhibition of medieval collections, the most varied and most complete collections of continental Croatia so far available only through occasional exhibitions.

By mid-March the "Post scriptum" exhibition is open, which follows the development of writing and writing through history. Through more than a hundred exhibits from its rich fundus and from foreign embassies and museum institutions borrowed from texts and inscriptions, the Post scriptum exhibition presents the development of human consciousness and the development of writing skills on various sides of the world, with the interpretation of the techniques and methods of this skill from Mesopotamia, Egypt and China to Central and South America.