Tin Pažur, photo: Zna.hr

We chatted this morning with SDP's deputy representative Tino Pažo. Current city themes, but also national ones as well as the fact that this party still has no candidates for the mayor of Zagreb ... all this was found in the morning "menu".

The school at Vrbani III is insufficient for all students, so City will rent the business building of Zagrebgradnja where the students will be located for the next ten years. Dozens of millions of kuna per month will cost rent ...

A classic example of poor strategic planning of the city - or the town is overhauled or the size of the school has to be adequate to the size of the settlement. As far as construction is concerned, we have seen for years that the city's construction is late and not good enough, but the City is persistently tolerating it.

When we're already in school, the soap opera around the classic ballet is not over yet!

It is unbelievable that the City can not find adequate space, at least in the wider center, but insists on a location that obviously does not match the parents (and therefore the attendants).

ZET acquires new buses, and a somewhat more expensive offer of German MAN was selected. The Polish bidder complained that the contest was arranged because the n ice conditions were changed several times?

The new Public Procurement Act does not insist that the cheapest bidder is also the best, which makes sense, but it is necessary to see what criteria the Public announces in the announcement of the competition, and whether or not it fulfilled them. Everyone has the right to complain if he thinks his rights have been violated in any proceedings.

The new ZET chart - halfway through the 4 kune, the citizens seem to be more than happy?

This will only be seen by tracking sales over a period of several months.

The city is going to renovate the city facades, in parallel with the state tender for energy reconstruction of the same and without the solution for vandals graffiti?

The solution for graffiti has long existed - protective coatings. They should simply be involved in this decision, but if the City could not co-ordinate with the state about energy reconstruction of buildings (two parallel competitions for similar things) how to expect to think of "little things" like graphite?

Tomo Horvatinčić at Cvjetni Square got another terrace ?!

Is this any wonder? So Milan Bandić has been dealing with things in Zagreb for years now - if he gets frustrated about anything, then he says he was never in it for half a year, doing the same thing in silence in the same form. But since Horvatinčić got on the Cetina Square, the terrace is really small.

And now the policy - what is your candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, what is to be expected?

We are waiting for the party to agree, intra-party elections are a process that lasts for us, and when it's all over, we've met an awkward situation. We are looking for a solution.

Do not you endure for the rest, except for the HDZ that does not yet have any candidates? Do you do Milan Bandic?

We entered the race late because we were going through the in-party elections, which some other political actors used to profile their candidates at that time. It is absolutely legitimate, but it is equally legitimate that we are now looking for an adequate response to this situation.

Regarding Milan Bandic's favor, some of your colleagues from the beginning of this mandate write about Bandic's spouses in the ranks of Assembly deputies, people at the top of the city's SDP, employees in the City or the Holding and conduct theories of how Bandic controls SDP. Nevertheless, the SDP is almost the only party in the Assembly that did not even hand in the Budget for this mandate, as for any other important strategic decision that Milan Bandic suggested. Conspiracy theories are still being performed. The thing reminds me of the alternative facts of Donald Trump.

Tomislav Saucha - DORH seeks removal of immunity from SDP parliamentary deputy and detention?

I see, this is a classic letter to dismiss the immunity of the lawyer for the purpose of conducting the investigation, which does not mean that Sauch will end up in custody. If Tomislav had signed these travel orders and stealing money, he would be like a thief who a few years ago from a US store stole a bean bag with the hole he took home and was terribly surprised when the police for 5 minutes knocked on door. Throughout this story, it is interesting to me that the timing in which this was brought to the public and started an investigation, as if someone knew and kept this thing in the drawer for a real opportunity.

And who would it be?

Had not a few days ago been announced that a bunch of company directors had been caught for millions of malversations, and did not one of those directors be sponsors of a certain political option?