The International Film Festival for Kids KinoKino will in its second edition bring a cross-section of the best filmmaking achievements for children, and the Zagreb European Cinema this year by Tuesday, 21. February to Sunday, 26. February will be the center of children's film imagination. The festival opens a movie treat for all generations, one of the most celebrated kids of all time - Goonies Richard Donner of 1985.

In the competition program, eight new feature films will feature small heroes and heroines who in many ways repair the world: one is rescuing the Greek village from the financial crisis, others secreting secrets, some returning an entirely special childhood smile. Timm Thaler: a boy who sold his smile, the latest film by one of Germany's most significant directors Andreas Dresden, adaptation of James Kruss's children's book of the same name. This year's KinoKino Festival is a sign of filmmaking of cult children's novels, so besides Timos Thaler's Dresden, it will be the fourth sequel to the domestic hit-series based on Ivan Kusan's popular novels about Koku's Boy, Zealot's Verdas, directed by Čejen Černić immediately after the start of the official cinema of the audience distribution of KinoKino Festival will also be able to watch the movie Anka Dejan Aćimović, recorded according to Anka Brazilian novel Mate Lovraka.

The program also includes the Swedish realization of my Greek summer film by Lise James Larsson on Tsetsikia's choreographic adventures from Stochkolma, the film Best Spy for the Dutch Filmmaker for Pieter van Rijn, and Fanny's Trip by French Director Lole Doillon, based on real events from the Upper France. In the Dutch Reality The day when my dad became a boss of director Nicole van Kilsdonk, co-produced with Croatia, there are also some recognizable domestic actors such as Jana Kerekeš and Hrvoje Begovic, and the exotic exotics on the other side of the world will bring the Indian film Badminton Mehrana Amrohi . Out of the competition will be presented an award-winning animated hit-film that is currently competing for Oscar-My Life as Tikvica Claude Barras. My accompanying film programs will also feature My First Film Going, a special movie block for younger ages that are just moving to their first cinema adventure.

The films in the competition for the festival award will be judged by a separate jury for children, consisting of five primary school students, and a three-member professional jury whose part this year will be a German actor David Kross, best known for his role in the film Woman I was reading award-winning director Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott, Sati , The Crown). In this movie, Kross acted with the famous Kate Winslet, who just won the Oscar for her solo role. The film will be represented in the jury by the Croatian creative actor, director, actor, DJ and quiz Mario Kovač, and Croatian illustrator and director Milan Trenc, whose picture was shot by the popular movie Night at Shawna Levy's Museum.

As the festival film experience would not be retained solely for viewing film productions, the KinoKino Festival program will provide a diverse and unique experience for the younger children with a series of accompanying content for the children. After each projection with the moderators, they will be able to discuss the films they watch, and they will have the opportunity to include in the workshops: they will be able to try this in writing the film critics, create a script for the film according to the literary template, and learn the world around them through audiovisual features of the city. The parents and the adult children's escorts will not remain silent: all generations will be able to participate in film quizzes, and only for adults is the 18 + program, which, in addition to the aforementioned movie The Woman I've read, also brings a new achievement to one of the most interesting directors of the independent American Cinematography: Summer in Brooklyn Ire Sachs.