The City of Zagreb Museum and the Maksimir Culture and Information Center invite on Tuesday 14. February at the 13 class at the Zagreb City Museum to mark the opening ceremony of the ZAGI masquerade mask as part of the traditional Masks 2017 project.

All the participants of the Maske project can visit all the exhibitions in the Zagreb City Museum!

Each year (from 2000.) In the MGZ area exhibits more than a third of Zagreb's elementary schools, and all participating schools have been awarded with valuable prizes, and students, participants, mentors and schools receive greetings.

This year's theme is MASK 2017. is ZAGI because it is 2017. of the thirtieth anniversary of the Universe, a sporting event that significantly contributed to the emergence of numerous public cultural goods, and the mascot was a squirrel called Zagi by Nedeljko Dragić. Squirrel is a resident of Zagreb parks, friendly and always good moods, always in motion for the unattainable, it symbolizes the effort and accomplishment of athletic endeavors. Zagi also had a black hat, which was characteristic for the costumes of the Zagreb region.

Primary school pupils will work on croissants or masks placed on the face or held in front of the face - from paper, cloth, wire and other "works" materials. A variety of features will stimulate freedom of expression and interpretation and introduce children and young people to the past of marking the fascists in the city they live in.

The MASKE project nurtures the touch, preservation and incorporation of positive cultural traditions among the students population.

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