The Samobor Road and Mountain Racing Club is organizing a running school that starts 3 this year. April, and ends in late October.

The Running School is designed for beginners as well as runners and recreational enthusiasts who will, with professional guidance, raise their run to a higher level or prepare for their first race, nerd, semi-marathon or marathon.

The Samobor Run School offers a professional and high quality training program led by group leaders with great experience in sports, recreation and sports education.
Trainings The Samobor Run School runs in the spring and summer months at the athletics stadium in the former Taborec barracks as well as in the Anindol park, above Vugrinščak.
This year, the School starts with an introductory meeting Friday, 24. March, followed by initial training sessions, 27, 29. and 31. March, and the trainings themselves will start on Monday, 3. April and will be held every week by the end of October, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 18: 30sati, in several groups, depending on the number of attendants.
In addition to training, occasional lessons will be organized, and various student gatherings will be organized to create a positive atmosphere and acquire new acquaintances and friendships.

The application form is located at the link:, and all notifications are sent by e-mail.

More information at:, Facebook page Samobor Run School or