In Zagreb's Vatroslav Lisinski 17 Hall. In February, two hours of top-notch entertainment with theatrical performance and the most watched Montenegrin comedy of all time "Montenegrins in bed" arrive.

Her author and one of two characters on stage is Peja Suskovavic, in neighboring Montenegro, but also a wider synonym and a comedy symbol.

This comedy from the ordinary shares excellent lyrics, top performing arts and a good set design.

This performance is performed over the 10 years, and last year it also had a respectable number of 100 thousand viewers. That number should also be added to almost 5000 visitors in the ten split shows in Split, 1500 visitors in three-line show in Pula, 1200 visitors to two rasping performances in Slavonski Brod, 1000 visitors to Sibenik ... because this koemdija plays several times in each city where he is visiting.

It is a great and extraordinary interest in this hit comedy.

It is a comedy that deals with the Montenegrin way of life and customs that describes the life of an average Montenegrin couple.

Montenegrin won the audience in all the cities of the Republic of Croatia where he played the show.