At the Ban Jelacic Square on Saturday, the traditional manifestation of 50 was presented to citizens and guests of Zagreb. The Shackle Hole under the slogan Oj Županjo, o Županjo, the Viennese peruvian, which will be traditionally held in Županja by 18. to 28. February.

Mayor Milan Bandic welcomed guests from Županja, as he said, yours and our city, and expressed the pleasure of sharing the joy of socializing and presenting the cultural heritage of Slavonia in Zagreb.

"I want you to feel at our main square in your county," the mayor added, pointing out that this is a result of a long-term good cooperation.

Apart from participating in the traditional Shuttlecock, visitors could also visit stalls with traditional Slavonian products, souvenirs and costumes.

The 50 event. The Šokačko Selo, which already represents 50, presents all the splendor, wealth and beauty of original Slavonian costumes, cultural heritage, folklore, folk creativity and wealth of Šokadi, organized by the City of Županja and the Township of Županja Tourist Board.

Photo: Katarina Kanceljak