The humanitarian night race 'Skiing For Skiers' this Saturday in Sljeme gathered 47 contestants and three times more fans. The slope of the orb 'op, op, op' was already dropped by White Downhill as frontrunners Dag Modric and Helena Gaube. After that, the target of the Sljeme Disability Club for Rotary Club Zagreb Zrinjevac was organized for each other and organized this action. From the sales quotes, cookies and cookies, the donation was collected around the 8.300 kuna, but a special account was opened for the action, so the amount could be higher as payment is expected by the end of the week.

"This action will be of great help to us, especially because we need special equipment adapted to the type of disability," said Paralympicist Damir Mizdrak, Vice President of Sljeme's Skilion Club for Disabled Persons.

In the women's competition, Anja Kostrečić (28,06) was won first, second was Klari Pelemiš (28,20), and Inja Siladi (29,98) won bronze.

In the men's competition, gold was Pavle Zobundžija (24,29), while silver won Boris Petljak (24,49) and third was Miro Kordun (24,88).

The race was attended by a large number of small competitors who were awarded a special loud applause after the race.

- We hope this action will become traditional. Thanks to all those who helped in realization: Milan Vukadinović, the City of Zagreb, Sports Facilities Management Facilities, Sljeme Ski Resort, Vidikovac Restaurant, HGSS Zagreb Station, Colapis Tamburitza Group, Incite Code, Rossi Family and Damir Matozu, President of Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac.

After the race they all moved from the Sljeme White Downhill to the Vidikovac Restaurant where the party lasted long into the night. The visitors were entertained by Tamburaški sastav Colapis, and Tony Cetinski and Alexei Puninski came from the well-known support of this action, while the video was greeted by Mila Elegović, Iva Jerković, Danijela Martinović, Leona Paraminski, Ana Bago Tominac, Mario Petreković, Andrej Kramarić and Franko Andrijašević.

If you have not been to Sljeme, you can provide help this week by paying for an account opened at Privredna banka Zagreb IBAN HR1323400091510836687.