Mario Župan

On current Zagreb topics, we discussed this morning with HDZ's representative at the City Assembly Mari Županja. Renovation of city facades, Vrbani school III, ZET, local elections ...

In the forthcoming Assembly there is, among other things, Bandic's proposal for the reconstruction of the city facades. What do you think of him?

We support it, but we must have equal criteria for co-financing for all citizens, not in the three zones. Because even today, with conservators and the Ministry of Culture, protected buildings that are cultural monuments can co-finance.

Will you support this proposal or be restrained, how did you announce it to the committees?

We'll see, we'll still have a club meeting and we'll decide on the session.

The school at Vrbani III is not enough for all students, so the city for 190 thousand kuna is planning to rent the Zagrebgradnja building a month ?!

As far as this is concerned, we are absolutely in a position to have all the children, if possible, go one step away. It is good for demographic development to have children, however, Vrbani III is a relatively new young village and it is difficult to foresee the capacities of the school, and we know there is no room for enlargement. However, choosing a substitute location and prices should be justified, so that we can not repeat the story of the space rental space for the Ballet School. Also, we will decide on the Club on all the elements of this proposal.

How is it possible to build a small school? Did not take into account the number of flats, the potential number of families and children, the growth of settlements?

It is difficult now to enter this and the question is how many city areas are, and how many private parcels. This is what we warn - the GUP and urbanism of the City of Zagreb.

New ZET Half-Day Card for 4 Kuna?

Yes, I have warned it many times - it is important to strive for fast and technologically high quality solutions, including the introduction of card payments via SMS to mobile phones, but also to improve the control of passengers so that the price is justified by a regular income that is acceptable to everyone. Could it be time to go before, I think, of course.

Zagreb Reformists suggest the construction of a tram line in the west of Zagreb, to Podsused. Comment?

The City of Zagreb must bring a traffic development strategy so we can discuss all the proposals.

HNS and HSU have established the Assembly Club, a few sessions before the end?

Yes, here, for the third time, HSU changes partners, but Mr. Stojak is a good and correct city representative.

What awaits HDZ candidate for mayor of Zagreb?

HDZ will decide when to come out with its candidate, and it will be soon.

Who will it be? Again as a potential candidate is mentioned Bruno Esih?

I told you, HDZ will present your candidate or candidate. And make a sure good result, and in my opinion, we will be the list that will win the most seats.

Who decides on the candidate, the Zagreb HDZ or the headquarters, or President Andrej Plenković?

The HDZ Zagreb City Committee, in consultation with the President of the Party, Mr. Plenković, and all the other counties will give the best candidates for local elections.