One of the heroes of the Homeland War, Ivan Anđelić, known under the nickname "Doctor", is a documentary film produced by the Association for Audiovisual Artisanship of Artizana from Zagreb and the Association of Dr Ante Starčević from Tovarnika. The doctor, according to the film, is told by one of the true war heroes of Vukovar who fought in several battlefields with unparalleled fervor and demonstrated great courage and courage characteristic of only exceptional people.

A large number of equally brave and decisive Vukovar warriors killed during the defense of the city, and a smaller number of survivors, executed the JNA and various Serbian formations at Velepromet and Ovčari after the fall of the city. Ivan Anđelić - The doctor managed to save some of his subordinates in a risky break from the city. Many have, unfortunately, been on that path. The doctor is one of the few heroes who survived the hell of hell of Vukovar.

Ivan Anđelić - The doctor of his roots draws from Rama and was led by the desire to take part in her defense after the fall of Vukovar came to help with her great war experience. Upon arrival, he becomes Commander of the Rame Defense and organizes the Rama Brigade. With his submarines from Vukovar he tirelessly transmits war knowledge and experience to soldiers.

Last June, 1992. he participated in an action in which he was hurt harder. After heavy dragging and overnight trip across Vran Mountain, he was transferred to a hospital in Split, where he was operated, and then treated for a long time. Though wounded several times, he refused to go to a deserved retirement, continued his career as a professional soldier. It is only retired after the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Podunavlja and the resettlement of the HV war units.

The premiere of the documentary film "Pictures from the Warrior's Life", directed by Silvija Mirošničenka, which was created with the support of the Ministry of Croatian Defenders, Vukovarsko-srijemska County and Tovarnik Municipality, will be held at Art-Cinema Metropolis, Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb, on Thursday 16. February 2017. year starting at 19 hours.