Zagreb won in Celje and returned to life after two defeats in Macedonia. In the direct duel for the Final Four SEHA League he was thrown out by Celje. Now there is a fight for the Champions League, and SEHA FF only needs to be confirmed in one of the three matches that follow in the league, they write Sports News.

The first part of the match was marked by the goalkeepers, one side of the 11 defense Lesjak, with the other 11 defense jump. Celje was expected to look like the whole season, Zagreb much more dynamic than Skopje. 6-0 was defending, and attacking Zagreb had a lot of problems, but at moments the situation was solved by the speed of Pavlovic and Miklavčič, and in the end of the shot Mandalinić, so the situation remained stable.

Much of the problem of defending Zagreb was given by quick Janc and Patience Žvižej, who had all the races behind Skok, which started on the naked Zagreb and proved to be in excellent shape since the SP in France. Zagreb went more in the first half, but failed to keep it, so Celje returned, but Mandalinić did not give them the lead at half-time.

The curiosity of the first part of the match is the first goal of Leona Šušnja this season, at 16. minute matches. Silhouette has never been a shot at either the SEHA league or the Champions League. It started ...

In the second part, Zagreb changed the rhythm of Celje and changed the match under its control. The scorer was replaced by Stevanovic on goal, as the Slovenian goalkeeper failed to defend himself as in the first. And that was a hit because Stivi disarmed Celjana in his own style and pushed Zagreb to big + 4 only 12 minutes before the end.

Zagreb played a peaceful assault until the end, long, failed to win. There was a special good role played by tandem Josip Valčić - Pavlović. For really great satisfaction.