Milan Bandic

Mayor Milan Bandić does not give up on the reconstruction of the facade of the building in Zagreb, which members of the opposition call the 'pre-election reconstruction'. At a session of the Assembly on Thursday, this point of the agenda did not mean to retreat even though almost all city MPs, including HDZ's partners, characterized them as badly prepared.

The city of Zagreb, recalling, would have co-financed the reconstruction of the facades of multi-storey buildings. With the 80 percent of the amount co-financed would be the arrangement of street facades in the center of the city, with 70 post arrangement of the street facades in the wider center, and with 60 posto decoration of the street facades in other parts of Zagreb. With somewhat smaller amounts, and again depending on the work of the city in which the building is located, the renovation of the courtyard and other facades would be co-financed.

These percentages, that is, areas whereby citizens would co-finance reconstruction, bother HDZ's. According to the party's deputy representative Marija Župana, such a decision discriminates against citizens. For all, it should be the same as the County, which should be the same amount, regardless of the work of the city in which the building is located.

If the HDZ remains in their side, they have announced that they will probably be restrained on the refurbishment of the façade, but Bandic will not pass that proposal. It will be against HSLS as well as independent MPs, Sandra Švaljek i Vladimir Ferdelji. HNS and HSU will also be against, and SDPs have already announced it.

- What's wrong with this decision is that she is not systematically made. We have suggested that the City and the Country sit together to create a joint, systematic project, where energy recovery of facades and façade design will be made together. Of course, on buildings that are protected by monuments, according to EU directives, it is not possible to get European funds for the energy renovation of the façade, so it would not work there, but for all other buildings we should unify these two projects. The money that the citizens will receive for the renovation of the facade have not fallen somewhere, but they are the money they have paid into the Budget. We may eventually have to renovate a building, and then for four or five years we will go to its energetic reconstruction, so we have to demolish that new façade - the SDP deputy representative was categorical He is called Brumnić.

HSLS and independent Sandra Svaljek, however, warn that the Declaration on co-financing the refurbishment of the facade did not incorporate a protection item from vandalism grafting. To refine the facade when it will soon be destroyed by graffiti, they are asked in HSLS.

Mayor Milan Bandic all this too and does not touch. If they do not now, they will go back to the facade at the session after the election, but withdraw their minds, he says. The arguments of the opposition, as well as his HDZ partner, are considered to be politicizing this for important issues to citizens.

"I'm convinced that this is the strongest and best project we've made in the last 16 years. For fifty years nobody has done anything on the city facades and this is the way and the way to get rid of it. But I was accustomed to refusing, I used to lead a city without one councilor at the Assembly, nothing can surprise me anymore. But the point is not withdrawn. If not adopted, it will be adopted at the first session after the elections - he said, among other things, the Mayor Milan Bandic, obviously convinced of his victory in the upcoming local elections.

Everything is, therefore, HDZ. Whether we will insist that the Decision is better or will be satisfied with this, we will see a session on Thursday. At the moment, as they have said, they have not yet decided whether to be restrained, what they have announced or have changed their minds.

Rent a building on Vrbani III for school needs - the only option ?!

At the Bandic's traditional press conference before the session of the Assembly, as well as the SDP, there was also a controversial lease of the Zagrebgrad building, where lower grades of Primary School Alojzije Stepinac from Vrbani III will be located. Four years after the school building, let's remember, it has become too small for all the students, so City has decided to rent the building, which will pay the company monthly high 190 thousand - and so 120 months.

- The GUP and the spatial planning documentation can not be built even there, and since I am still the mayor of the City of Zagreb and with this team here I am responsible for the functioning of the education system of the City of Zagreb, there was a baby boom, there was 10 thousands of people, and the existing capacities of schools and kindergartens are small, and we had to react promptly. Whether it will be for two, five, ten years, we can talk about it, but we can not say whether or not to do it - said the Mayor Bandic.

But the city's SDPs are bothered by the fact that the City did not enter into negotiations with the company Zagrebgrads in good governance and mixed up better terms, rather than ten years of rent, after which the City would not even be a co-owner of the controversial building.

- Four years ago, we built a new school that the City Office of Education foresees for 400 children, and we have already enrolled in 650 children today. Today, we are entering a project that is extremely unacceptable for Zagreb, which is that we will pay the full price of rent in the 10 year through rent, which will not be the end of the city. The city, in the hands of a good master, could at least keep at the end of that period the owner or co-owner of that area - he said Brumnić.

They are called Brumnić and Dominik Etlinger

The SDP members also attended Elementary School in Demerje, Bandic. He thwarted that the Zagreb Holding would raise his loan for construction, while the City of Zagreb budget was issued a little more than a month ago. They are therefore asking what the raising of the loan when the funds for building this school could easily be incorporated into the Budget.

From the autumn uniform in Zagreb's primary schools

Uniforms in elementary schools in Zagreb should take place from autumn. By the summer, it will be seen how much interest the school and pupils or parents are doing, and during the summer they should sew. For that, Bandic repeated, in charge of being Uriho.

He also repeated that nobody would pull on uniform. What schools are willing to do, will have them, and which they will not, will not.