HDZ does not yet have a candidate for the mayor, and when we do, we do not know - a sentence we have printed so often in this century that we no longer know ourselves whether we are writing a scenario for the Montenegrin series or following Zagreb's policy.

And before that, Đekna will die, but the HDZ will get the mayor of Zagreb.

Every election from 2000 until this HDZ in Zagreb repeats the same story. They announce the months before the election of "candidates who will surprise everyone" that in the end it would turn out to be the most surprisingly the candidate who they presented to the citizens in the last minute.

He always selects a bunny whose only task is to not carry too much votes to Milan Bandic. Ivo Sanader, Tomislav Karamarko, and Andreja Plenković from Zagreb, it is more important that they do not get a strong figure in their party that could one day compete for party tron.

They saw Ivica Racan and Zoran Milanovic tortured Milan Bandic, and they managed to save themselves from such anxiety.

And Bandic was deliberately losing. And with him, they were all easy to negotiate with while in SDP. So he and Zagreb were so easy to leave.

Although the current head of the HDZ, Andrija Mikulić, until several months ago thought that these elections would be different, they were deceived.

For any initiative that could jeopardize Milan Bandic, Andreja Plenkovic was given a fingertip instead of support. He wanted to run out of the hero, and the center was clinging to him.

So he is now virtually unusable for every election. For who will believe that every statement on the agenda will not have to be withdrawn tomorrow, but we do not talk about some specific initiatives and proposals.

He announced altering the name of Marshal Tito Square and demolishing the city budget, and both of these actions were simply ridiculous. On his account.

As his party fought with him, there would be no surprise that he would make him out of the elections as one of Bandic's deputies.

Because, in the absence of their people, the HDZ began to hope that Bandic could possibly reach agreement on Dva plus Dva. Namely, Bandic was shyly offered to support him, and for that support, after two years of mandate he thanked the citizens and left his mandate to one of the deputies or deputies who would be from the ranks of the HDZ.

Whatever Bandic's motive is to agree to such a bid, they do not know in HDZ either. Because they failed to persuade either Vlaho Orepić and Dinka Cvitana to sign their party ID.

So the HDZ goes to another Zagreb election where they can only lose. Sandri Švaljek has nothing to offer and Anki Mrak Taritaš can not offer anything if they want to keep more than 100 members in Zagreb.

A candidate can only be accepted by a man who knows how to be tempted because there is no time for a serious campaign. For that embarrassment, he will have to offer a candidate for such compensation as Jasen Mesic has once again awarded him as Minister of Culture and Margaret Mađerić in the Parliament.

And while they are talking about how they are making a big surprise, HDZ plays those kind of kids games: Eci, feces, pec, who will be a rabbit. According to the latest information from Andrej's anemic finger, Miroslav Tuđman and Karlo Poljak were shot in the last minute. Brojalica goes to the end and is looking for a candidate with lower chances and these two. At the moment HDZ is only lucky to Margaret Mađerić because her unclear record from the past elections might fall.