From 13. ZagrebDox, which counts as an 121 documentary and deals with a variety of topics that are mostly reflected in a realistic and often brutal way of thinking about the society, is devoted to nine titles - Happy Dox, ie films that document unusual personalities in a positive and encouraging way appearance.

The short film Canadian documentary Slaughter and God's Wrath by Sola Friedman writes a breakthrough moment in life by Razie Brownstone, a ninety-year-old Jewish woman who decides for the first time in life to taste bacon because of the crisis of faith. The film was awarded the Sundance jury prize for the best short film, and also won the Canadian Academy of Film and Television Award for the best short film dox.

Pickle is a short-cut American documentary by Amy Nicholson, who is the centerpiece of a couple who has rescued numerous animals during her twenty-five years of marriage. The most bizarre thing is that most of the creatures that live in the country suffer from unusual illnesses: from Pickle fish that can not swim, obese chickens, cats with a heartburn, a goat that can not float on the water until the paraplegic oposum that eats the kaygan most for dinner. Pickle has won numerous awards at festivals all over the world, including the grand jury prize at the Florida Film Festival and the Audience Award at the International Full Frame Documentary Festival.

A short-sketched Swedish documentary Diving board (Ten Meter Tower) by Axel Danielson and Maximilian Van Aertrycka is an interesting analysis of the human reaction to unusual situations. Namely, the authors who describe their projects as humanity studies in front of 43 have set the task of the participants: climb up to ten meters high jumper and then decide whether to jump.

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