Yet nothing of the reconstruction of the city facades, at least as of today's session of the City Assembly. Milan Bandic went out to the city's deputies and said he withdrew the proposal of that decision.

It seems that Bandic has nevertheless given up under the pressures of the congressmen who have all announced that his proposal in this form will not be supported. Even his HDZ partners said that such a proposal did not seem to support.

You can follow the sequence of sessions here.

Recall, the City of Zagreb would have co-financed the reconstruction of the facades of the building, with 80 percent of the amount in the center of Zagreb, with 70 percent in the wider center and with 60 percent in other parts of the city. In the four years this would amount to about 360 million of the Budget, while the interest of the citizens for reconstruction is great. The provincial office has so far received 1050 renewal requests until the end of the contest, or up to 10. March, expected by 1500.

But while nobody is up against the renovation of the façade, they are all against this kind of Bandic's proposal, which they call outrageous and pre-election.

The division of Zagreb into three zones is discriminating against the citizens of Zagreb, HDZ claims. Amounts or percentages that are planned to co-finance the reconstruction of the facade for all should be equal, regardless of which part of Zagreb a certain building is located.

In order for the City and the State to somehow arrange and merge two similar tenders, they also consider HDZs and SDPs. And remind, the state goes with a similar tender, the one for the energetic renovation of the façade, so it is stupid that the citizens of Zagreb have the opportunity to come to two similar and yet different competitions, they are considered representatives.

HSLS's and independents Sandra Švaljek they also warned of the vandalism of the graffiti, and they did not even mention Bandic's proposal for the façade.

Bandic, although he said yesterday that there is no chance that the proposal would drag and go with it at all cost, however, he would change his mind and give it away in this form. But there was also a latch that insisted that the proposal would certainly not pass, after which he would have to wait three months (90 days) to come out again with the city representatives. Thus, when the proposal is withdrawn, it may already be available for the next session. So, the electoral renewal of the façade, as the deputies call, will surely be on the agenda before the election scheduled in late May.

An Impeccable Decision on "Mother-Educators"

And while Bandic's recent decision on the so-called " mother-educators very well-received in Zagreb or Zagreb, it seems that the Decision is not best prepared. She warned at SDP's current session Sila Žele saying that the upper limit of childhood was not built in.

This is what the SDP says does not prevent citizens from abusing this city's decision. She claims and knows about the many cases where mothers actually have three or more children, which is a decision of them and they are, and indeed one of those children is under the age of 15 but the rest, he adds, not only are older than 18 already work and receive a salary.

- As I understood this Mother-Teacher Decision, one child should be younger than 15 and the remaining either up to 18 years of age or older, but only if it is a regular student or dependent young person with parents and other family members live in a common household. It turns out that this is not the case at all, because there is no upper age limit for the second, third and every other child in the Decision, so there are cases where women receive a city fee, and only one child has less than 15, while two or three others have 18 so they go on and on, they get their pay and she said Silva Žele.

Mayor Bandic from the booth Silvio Zele first said that he did not know anything about it, nor did he understand what he was talking about, and then told her he did not read the Decision well. But, indeed, as the SDP has said, there is a paragraph in the Decision that limits the age of the youngest child, but there is no one that limits the age of other children.

SDP Dijana Pavičić Haniš considers that the Decision was deliberately designed to appeal to the mother-educator (or father-educator) as much as possible in Zagreb and Zagreb because the unemployment rate in the town would be smaller, fewer children would be in kindergartens and thus less problems for the mayor and City administration.