If you still do not know where to go to masquerade and you need a mask idea, the Marijuana meals will call you 28. February at the Zagreb club Sax! on the maskenbal entitled We can all be heroes!
In addition to good music, entertainment and drinks at promotional prices, the organizers have prepared a variety of valuable awards, inviting you to choose the hero you are going to disguise and become a hero to the children who are waiting for Mary's meals.
The program starts at 20 h, and the suggested donation for entry is 10 kuna.

The Croatian Association of Mary's Meals, founded in July, 2009, is part of the international Mary's Meals project, which has the vision that every child receives a daily meal at their place of education. In this way, children do not only save life but encourage them to learn, and in the long run they will have a better life for themselves, their families and the community. The average 120 kuna is enough for one child to be fed to school throughout the school year.
Mary's meals Croatia, thanks to the goodness of its donors and supporters, are currently feeding around 11 000 children through 12 cuisine in Benin, Liberia, Malawi and Ecuador.
Mary's meals with the help of numerous volunteers help every day many, but 59 millions of hungry children are still waiting. Let all those who have more than they need share with those who do not even have the most basic.