HSLS in Zagreb announced that it supports the initiative of the 1POSTOZAGRAD platform, which requires that the main square in Zagreb on Manduševac gets a point with available, free drinking water.
They recall that throughout Manduševac's history in Zagreb it had the purpose and tradition that had been extinguished thirty years ago in its renovation.
We make the communication in full:

HSLS in Zagreb believes that the revitalization of every historical heritage is an important cultural contribution to the development of the City. Zagreb is becoming an increasingly important tourist destination, and the increase of the tourist offer can certainly contribute to the architecturally adapted space of Manduševac as a fountain with which the most interesting Zagreb stories and legends are linked.

Zagreb's HSLS has repeatedly warned that Zagreb is rich in renewable potable water resources, which is why it is considered that each city district has its "own" toll, which will also be recognized as the center of these quarters. This is not a bigger financial burden and further promotes the healthy life of the City of Zagreb.

We remind you that HSLS is in January 2017. initiated the initiative to proclaim the right to water to fundamental human rights. With this initiative HSLS wants every citizen to make economic availability of water because water is a common good and not a commodity.

Finally, for the realization of the "Manduševac (bio) tea" initiative, the 1POSTOZAGRAD platform, the HSLS City Representatives Club at the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb will be actively engaged.

With respect,

President of GO HSLS of the City of Zagreb and city representative of HSLS
Alen Ostojić