Ballet Premiere The three sisters of the director-dramaturgy duo Manojlović and Đula will be held on Thursday, 23. February at 20 hours at the Semifrance Theater & TD Hall. Invitations.

Inspired by the eponymous drama of AP Chekhova, the whole ballet was built on the pauses of immanent Chekhov dramaturgy. In his essay on Chekhov, Raymond Williams Chekhov's character was characterized as a "generation that sees the whole night and discusses the need for revolution, so it is overdose tomorrow morning to do anything, even if it is related to its own current problems."

- This impossibility of starting, the inaudibility of the place and the time, the path of the magazine and its translation into the non-verbal, is the starting point of this ballet - explained director Natalija Manojlović.

Deverbalizing the play of the drama with the three dancers is an attempt to transfer the atmosphere in which this inability to act becomes a play of drama. We strive to reduce or eliminate speech dissipation tools by physically limiting the inability to change through the research of limited (per) movements of the aging body.