Today's morning socializing we decided to "clean up" the politics. We visited the village in the vicinity of Zagreb and talked with young Zagrepčankom Vidom Koren who, besides taking care of even the 10 horses, has numerous pets. In addition to those "classic" dogs, cats, parrots, Vida, there are also heads, but also a sympathetic Đuro - a real cowboy who sleeps two-seater in the living room and has his own fan page on Facebook!

Good morning. Introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Vida Koren. I was born and raised in Zagreb, and for the past year and a half I live in the village. I work on a ranch where I care about 10 horses, and I have even 14 animals in the house, including a pig named Đuro.

How did Đuro come to you?

Đuru I got from a friend who had a litter. She gave me the least ... which is not so small.

How to have a pig like a pet? Are not pigs intelligent, even intelligent than dogs?

Yes, they have one of the greatest intelligence quotients in the animal world. It's hard to have a pig in the house because they're pretty destructive and curious. They are funny and sympathetic if they are well-educated, and I think I've been well up to Djur. There are no aggressive bumps even though they know because of the hormones being insensitive.

How does one of your days look like Đurom?

As I was at work, he was released into the yard he had allotted to me. So it's not for someone who wants to have a nice lawn and flowers. Takes time with cocoons and dogs while I work, and in the evenings is at home. He walks over, slams, searches for food and does not stop until he gets it. Then I take him and Her (the dog) and go to bed, cleaning and sleeping.

I have to ask - what is your relationship now to pork, did you throw it out of the diet?

Twenty years I'm a vegetarian so my attitude to pork is the same as before I got it. The same thing is with my cocoons, not for eating!

What does Đuro eat, how many times a day you feed him?

Djuro is eating one meal a day. Eat all because it is an owl, like all pigs. What's in the house gets it. Food is not thrown at me, I have it for that. He knows how to eat more and more, it depends on how many food steals other animals and steals them all. She sleeps, in her twin room, in the living room.

And for the rest, what do you advise people who decide on a pork for a pet?

My advice? Doooobro inquire about people who already have pigs as pets. They are not simple, they are very stubborn. Wonder will make for the prize, but it will also make you good. And do not believe if they tell you they will stay small and sweet. It will not! It will grow and shave. If you accept them, you will have a good co-existence.