Žičara, Zagreb.hr

Early this morning, the removal of the old Zagreb cableway along the entire route and the cleaning of the corridor for the new ski lift began. The works were opened by Mayor Milan Bandic, who stressed that all will last until 15. June and cost about 4.5 million.

- The old cable car was released before the 54 of the year. She had the 90 cabin that 4 cared about. With 3 m / s running speed, 450 people traveled in one hour. A new cable car, which should have been completely finished by the 2018 thread. 94 is the most modern technology equipped with cabins with a capacity up to 10 people and a running speed of 6m / s. That way they will be able to carry 1500 people per hour - he said, among other things, the mayor Milan Bandic stressing that for two to three weeks will be announced a tender for equipment worth between 15 and 17 million euros.

The new lifts, as well as the old one, who stopped driving ten years ago, will be transported by the existing route, with its straightforward extension to the Dolphin tram station.

"Now citizens of the end points, with boots and skis, will be able to reach the starting station in Dol in public transport. We live for that day - he emphasized Bandic.

Let us also remind that the construction of a new cable car takes four stages. Reconstruction of the Mihaljevac - Down bridge on Thursday started the first phase. The dismantling of the old lifts today (on Friday) started the second phase. The third phase involves the construction of a new cableway with intermediate bridge on Brestovac, and the fourth modification of the spatial plan from the last station on Sljeme to Vidikovac.

The lifts were also discussed on the corridors of the Assembly at a session on Thursday. Although they all welcome their construction, the assemblies have commented that the works have begun at the right moment, several months before the local elections.

Obviously, the lifts are hit by these choices. The HNS candidate for the mayor also spoke about the necessity of its construction Anka Mrak Tarita, an independent candidate for the mayor Sandri Švaljek she would be one of the first projects to be elected, and she also mentioned it Ivan Pernar when he mentioned his possible candidacy for the Mayor. The actual Mayor was overthrown and started work.