Dominik Galić, source: Facebook

Soon the recording of the fourth series of Heroes of Vukovar, City II, should begin. The only protagonists of the new episodes, which will "process" the Vukovar General Hospital, Police, Ovcara, breakthrough and legendary commanders of the Vukovar defense, will be, as it has been, the Vukovar defenders. About the new series Heroes of Vukovar we talked with one of his authors, Dominic Galić.

Good morning. How are preparations for recording a new series progress and when can we expect the beginning of the recording?

Principal preparations have begun, designing. We are waiting for a deal with HRT to start.

What will the new series include, what parts of the Battle for Vukovar will deal with?

Hospital, Police, Breakdown, Sheepdog, Commanders. Some things are still being defined.

About Vukovar is mostly spoken about the day of his occupation, 18. November Many lies are then pronounced, how to fight it?

Truth and Time!

But the living defenders, the true heroes, are all the less, unfortunately ...

However, they are still alive enough, and time and archives will open.

The new sequences will look like the ones in the foreground, the Vukovar veterans who talk about their war stories in the foreground?

The series is based on the story of the defender and will thus remain largely intact.

Financial help? Do you have any funds, does the HAVC help you?

She does not help now. We've always been alone, with minimal help from HRT.

Are you expecting any financial assistance from HAVC now?

We'll see what's going to happen. It's hard to say anything in advance.

When are we already at HAVC, how do you comment on recent events, the State Audit Finds, the removal of Hrvoje Hribar?

I would not comment at all.

What do you expect from the new series, do you expect problems with regard to the political situation in Croatia?

Looks have always been great, but the most important are the people or the defenders. Political problems with us should never be underestimated even though I do not expect them.