In 23. the ABA League wins the big city derby between Cibona and Cedevita. The match is played on Monday, 20. February u 18: 00 hours in Drazen's home.

Tired Wolves had a little more time to regenerate and prepare, so they would attack the city's rivals in full. Let us remind ourselves that the 15.-18 player in Sibenik played the final of the cup "Krešimir Ćosić", where on Saturday Cedevita beat Jolly.

There is certainly an interesting match against an opponent who is in good shape, the coach of Vukova Damir Mulaomerović :

- Recently, Cedevita has played great and in good form, especially after leaving Europe, since they had more time for training and less travel. The match comes very quickly after the cup and fatigue is present on both sides. Cedevita has a wide roster and it will certainly not be easy for us. We will try to play a better match and maybe surprise Cedevita in our hall.

Igrač Ante Gospić he joined the trainer:

We are always waiting for an interesting match against our city rivals. A match that has a special meaning for us, but also for our fans. We will try to get the most out of the game so that we can better play this game.

Tickets can be bought at the cash register KC "Dražen Petrović" which opens two hours before the meeting at a price from 10kn or via the internet at