Minister Tihomir Jakovina, in a letter to the Croatian Parliament and before the committee to decide on it, wrote that the amendments to the Animal Protection Act in Croatia would allow the breeding of chinchillas for fur, despite the fact that eight years of transitional period had occurred, a significant decrease in breeding and to the clear will of politicians and the public. On this occasion, the representative of the chinchilla, the Činč mascot, will deliver on Wednesday 16. 9. 2015. in 12, a letter to Minister Jakovin, at the Ministry of Agriculture (Ulica grada Vukovara 78, Zagreb), announced in a statement Animal Friends and also attached "Činčino pismo":

-Poštovani ministre,

when your predecessor is 2006. we signed the Animal Protection Act, which prohibited animal breeding for fur, we were grateful that Croatia united and agreed to our protection, thus demonstrating political and ethical maturity. We were hoping that after our 10 years of what you call the "transitional period" our sufferings will end.

Instead, we have experienced new knowledge that a person is capable of the greatest evil and that his innocence is boundless. Someone else in your place would use their power and encourage humane and advanced values, and not the unstoppable greed of the human species to accumulate profits on the blood of the innocent. How else to explain the intention to exclude animals from banning animals from being excluded, the only animals that are grown in Croatia for that reason?

Our letter comes from the mere desperation and the fear of death that is waiting for us, just because we are born with the fur. What is just a furry, luxurious garment for you is life for us. What is modern or sexy to some is just what we are - skin, many extinct invisible lives for which you should marry.

When you see the small cages in which they hold us, you see only the cute little animals passively sitting or lying. You do not care because you are not, like us, condemned for life-long imprisonment, and that's just because we were crooked. Stuffed without the possibility of jumping, which is as natural to you as walking, condemned to the craving of life in the cage, is constantly exposed to stress, many of us endlessly repeat the same moves in the cage, refuse food, burn their own or somebody else's fur, ears and tails.

Inspectors do not arrive or check citizen complaints for bad dogs and cats, and you expect to visit the breeders and check if they are sick, are they feeding us right, whether we are in a cage in the pain, are we able to swim in the sand?

Do you know that we are monogamous in nature and that breeders force us to mingle with multiple partners? Around the door are the necklaces that are wider than the size of the passage, so we can not get out of the cage, and only the males can move to us to feed us. In your world, this would be called rape and crap, but it is justified when it comes to us.

Do you know for one coin killing a 200 chinchill? Do you know how horrible killing agony sounds like a chlorhydrate solution in the abdominal cavity, breaks the door, electric shock through the electrode on your mouth and feet, suffocating high concentrations of gases in killing chambers? Cry, helpless to escape the endless horror.

Do not return Croatia among the remaining countries whose profits are fewer than the value of life! Wearing fur and fur accessories is a reflection of ethical and ecological ignorance and extreme primitiveness. Are you ready to be remembered as a minister who signed a death sentence for so many people because of human consciousness?

People love us because we are small and gentle, and we love life like all other creatures, and they are upset about what you want us to still torture and kill for fur. Most breeders respected the transitional period and ceased farming, all leading political parties, including yours, have pleaded against breeding animals for fur, and the stone age has long been behind us.

Please respect the will of your citizens, the Government and parliamentarians who have voted in favor of the Animal Protection Act, and most importantly respect our right to life because our fur belongs to us! This will also give you a great contribution to environmental protection. Do not leave the fur of the future from our abandoned bodies but proudly keep the ban on animal breeding for fur!

Srdačan pozdrav,

It does, in fact, all the crickets in the cages - writes in the publication Animal Friends.