This morning, we were in a good company of Darinka Jug from the City Office for the Economy, in charge of cycling infrastructure in Zagreb. The subject of talks, of course, bicycles and everything related to them, and the occasion - passed a session of the City Assembly where the Public Passenger Transport Decision was amended, thus making the current pilot project "Bicycle on the bus" a regular service of ZET.

At last week's session of the City Assembly, the pilot-project "Bicycle on the bus finally became a regular service of ZET, if I'm not sure, since March 1st?

Yes, I think we can all be satisfied because this supplement of the Decision on public transport of passengers has enabled the "Bicycle to the bus" to become a regular service.

Although the proposal passed at the Assembly, there were certain objections from some city representatives?

The city has implemented a pilot project "Bicycle on the bus" which is the direct result of this decision. We got the views and opinions of the passengers from the lines involved in the pilot project, ZET employees directly involved in the project and the user of the service. Based on these results, a proposal for the Assembly and public consultation was made. Any comments received, as well as those made at the Assembly itself, are not related to the Proposal of Decision except in the part of the 01 Service Timeframe. March to 01. November

Bicycle carriers are a Croatian product and are certified and we have to thank our colleagues from the ZET workshop, who have designed them according to the designs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. Pilot project has been implemented on all three lines that are hill lines and based on the results it is concluded that for now, the service can be safe in weather conditions that do not hamper the traffic of buses (snow, poles, etc.).

What do the Zagrebers get here?

The locals get a new regular bicycle car service on the three-line buses of 102, 103 - residents of Tuškanac, Prekrižje, Šestina and Mlinova, who would use their bikes to move around the city center, but preventing them from returning home, and the 140 line allows recreational bikers and cyclists driving on the peak area of ​​Sljeme.

Are you planning to extend the service or introduce new lines with bicycle mounts?

In co-operation with ZET, plans for introducing new lines are planned during the following year. Citizens can express their wishes on the Fupol Zagreb web site or send them in writing to the City Administration.

What are the further plans of the city administration to improve the cycling infrastructure in the city?

As for the future plans for bicycle infrastructure, we will adjust the existing tracks / lanes with the new Rulebook over the next two years, but also introduce joint bicycle and motor vehicle traffic in the city center (such as Gajeva Street) and continue to set up public car parks, only 219 was set up last year on 39 locations, allowing parking for 538 bikes.

It is important to note that activities related to cycling infrastructure are not fully covered by the Laws and Regulations and that it is necessary for us to do so and to create them in parallel with the implementation of pilot projects.

What about the public bicycle system?

As for the city bicycle system, at the request of the deputy for further clarification at the 45 session of the Assembly (22, September 2016.), The report was submitted to the representatives of the "Introduction of a public bicycle system in the city of Zagreb". Since we did not receive any feedback, preparation of the Decision and the Rulebook within the Mayor's Office of Expertise is in progress and the documents will be ready for the next session of the Assembly.