While SDP and HDZ are still meeting and negotiating, local elections knock on the door. The two candidates for the Mayor still do not have, but that does not mean they will miss them. Entering the Zagreb Ring today announced another independent candidate, Hrvoje Franusic, who offers something quite different, he says.

Although he feels like David who is opposed to numerous Goliaths, he will be in the race for the Zagreb mayor. Behind him, he says, no one stands. No big capital, no political or any interest. He joins the battle, even though he is aware that he can not get it. But he thinks it is better to lose it than to defeat it fairly.

Of major projects, he says, does not offer anything for now because he does not want to promise something he does not know will be able to fulfill. Only when and when it becomes the mayor of Zagreb will see what the financial situation is and only then will it be possible to talk about the projects.

But he promises three things - he will not take the kuna for election promotion, will give up half of the mayor's salary in favor of small and medium-sized craftsmen, and that Zagreb will, of course, win if he wins the entire mandate and does not compete Parliament and the like.

The car would be caught immediately with the waste and traffic. These are the two main and burning problems of Zagreb, considers Franusic.

Never will Zagreb be recycled like Stockholm, Montreal or San Francisco, but it does not have to be the worst city in the European Union, Franusic said, adding that he would make sure that this really changed. As for traffic, he would forbid the approach of cars to the city center.

Franusic and the City Office for the Future would have been founded, modeled on the Swedish Ministry of the Future. The office of the head of the office, he says, would be literally - looking into the future, how will Zagreb look for 10, 20 or 100 years.

On a journalist question about possible co-operation with other candidates or parties, Franusic said he was willing to cooperate solely on his program and goals, but that the coalitions did not come into consideration.

- Spielberg said he was doing movies that he would like to watch. I so want to be a mayor who would like to have the head of his city, "he concluded Franušić short presentation of your program.

Franusic was born in Split 1975. year, and already 17 years lives in Zagreb. Currently working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, he is a graduate political scientist. He also worked as a diplomat at the Croatian Embassy in the Vatican. He is married, but there are no children yet.