Will the SDP, however, have its Zagreb mayoral candidate in the upcoming elections or support HNS's Anku Mrak Taritaš. He still does not know, he is still negotiating and negotiating, though many, which we have already written, warn that the absence of their own candidate in Zagreb for SDP and their leader Davor Bernardic would be the signing of a death sentence.

But the store went off, if nothing else. An unnamed source from the SDP several days ago for Jutarnji List said that if SDP publicly supports Anku Mrak Taritaš, to expensive and charged.

The SDP would have been deputy mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš, president of the Zagreb Holding Company and 60 percent of city offices and holding companies.

Such calculations from the HNS reject it with scorn. The source close to the HNS Zagreb candidate for further commented, as he said, the self-extinguishment of an unnamed source from SDP.

"We are completely inadequate in how the" unnamed "sources from the Zagreb SDP" talk "over the media and share the functions before the campaign has even started. In such a way of communicating the city's HNS will not participate, nor did any of its previous protests give rise to the "talking" in this way. Those who believe in the city's SDP that they must be the directors of Holding or the Heads because they belong to their own appearance and do not even think about the public interest and the need to finally make good and profound changes in Zagreb. they want to go to the coalition elections, so let them go and win the majority in the assembly and the mayor's office. It is their right and their choice, only to finally stop "enlisting" the public with their self-help in the media - it is categorical for the next to be a source from HNS.

As we learn from our sources from the SDP and HNS, SDP's parliamentary representative and former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Craft Gordan Maras.

- Those who suffer for past ministerial positions, and do not meet the current parliamentary mandate, have been able to demonstrate their strength in previous parliamentary elections, and that on the joint list they have been far worse than the HNS nominee for the mayor, it actually shows the actual relationship of power - concludes HNS source for Next.

Gordan Mars, recalled, held the list of the National Coalition in the Second Electoral Unit in the parliamentary elections this afternoon. He won slightly more than 19 percent of preferential votes, while Anka Mrak Taritaš overtaken the eighth place "jumped" first with almost 24 percent of preferential votes. Maras wanted to shine at the head of SDN's 2013 Zagreb. year, but it did not go hand in hand - he won no 14 percent of the votes of the SDP's in Zagreb, as opposed to the winner Davora Bernardi for which almost 65 members voted. The third candidate, Mirando Mrsić, then won almost 22 percent of votes.