Marko Melcic, photo: Mario Drausnik

A long-time SDP member, Marko Melčić, was reluctant to sharply criticize the former president of that party, Zoran Milanovic. Do not even say today what he thinks, and the potential SDP support of the HNS candidate for the mayor of Zagreb does not think the best.

Does SDP need to support HNS candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš or should he have his candidate, though this is a sure defeat in the upcoming local elections?

The SDP should not go to the coalition with the HNS. They will lose themselves or with Ankar Mrak Taritaš. Milan Bandic has the best odds for a smooth victory.

What would you think of HNS as a victory for you in Zagreb?

It is unthinkable that HNS takes Zagreb, especially myself. Like HSS.

But that does happen. Let's say, in some parallel universe?

A part of that parallel universe was seen when HNS was the younger partner of Bandic and Ljubicic, who barely liberated them and removed them from valuable real estate, so that with the help of Mislav Žagar there was a split of HNS from within.

What would SDP mean to have no candidate in the main and the biggest city. Many have already described it as the political suicide of SDP and Davor Bernardic?


Small or big?

The big one, who is trying to amortize parallel personnel negotiations, so the SDP holds all the important positions, therefore, the heads and directors of Holding.

And who negotiates the staff? Is this attitude of the party leadership or is it done by individuals, such as Gordan Maras?

Gordan Maras and Mirando Mrsić are 2013. have lost Bernardi's choices and use every opportunity to lean. Maras is disgraceful and surely there is no Bernardic approval, and Mrsić immediately called me and denied me yesterday, saying that he supported Anka Mrak Taritaš. This is certainly not the opinion of the City Committee or the chairman of the 17 Local Board. So this is where Davor Bernardić solves and who knows who else is. The SDP would much more easily agree with Milan Bandic, who was more to the left of the HNS and resolved the elections in 1. round.

So, Davor Bernardic is the "roommate" of negotiations with the HNS?

That. Maras has no connection, he is no longer in management, as Mrsić. Bernard leads the game.


Ask him.

Where is the idea to support Anka Mrak Taritaš?

She stumbled. First the HNS, which did not drift, and now the SDP.

Why so much fear of HNS?

Just look at the HNS client list ...

Bruno Esih as a candidate for the mayor of Zagreb?

The more candidates, the better for Milan Bandic.

So, do you think he will, despite everything, win it once again?