Milan Bandic

He was arrested in the Donja Dubrava City District, more precisely in the Ivan Mažuranić Municipal Committee, among the current HSU members, who are close to HNS and SDP, as well as to the former members of the party who moved to the recently established Party of Intergenerational Solidarity of Croatian Višnja Fortune , faithful to Milan Bandic. While HSUs say they are roughly hindered in their work, provoked and offended, SMSHs say it's all part of the dirty HSU pre-election game.

In the letter from HSU, Donja Dubrava, signed by the party commissioner in the town district, Zdravko Bosanac, says 21. this month the SMSH members, as well as the president of Donja Dubrava City Council Milan Draženović, disrupted, insulted and humiliated.

- Dana 21.2.2017. in the area of ​​MO Ivan Mažuranić, in the HSU, we had a working meeting. There were four of us present. In the same term, in the room up to, Albina Benčec and other former members of the HSU, now SMS, had a traditional party, but they constantly invaded us in the room where we were and took our chairs. On a number of occasions the landlord came in for us, but for no reason. Just walk in, walk, take the situation and go. After such an interruption, Mr. Milan Draženović, obviously invited, came in, and in a visibly lame situation he exclaimed us telling us that we are stupid. He also said that we do not know how to unite, to disagree with each other, that we are nowhere in the structures of government. He also criticized our president Silvana Hrelju, he was not a pensioner, he did not have it, that he did not appear anywhere, that we were all stupid and that he also faced Mrs. Davork, Vukadin Samardzic, saying that he did not know anything and that he had bought a diploma - inter alia, in the HSU memo Zdravka Bosanca.

This is confirmed by HSU's representative in the City Assembly Davorka Vukadin Samardzic which says these verbal attacks on her party colleagues last for a long time, and that this was just a pinnacle.

- There are problems in Donja Dubrava, especially since the establishment of the branch of SMSH Donja Dubrava. Our former president is now their president. Mr. Draženović worked with her well once and cooperate well now. There is some kind of their internal communication and socializing. When the SMSH was established, they tried to get out of the area with all the forces, and this is an incident that has overcome every single measure. Maltreating older people, and ultimately getting tired of it is more than inappropriate. So what kind of example Draženović sends to others - categorical in the statement for Next was Davorka Vukadin Samardžiand added that he was planning to raise Draženović's criminal record for slander and offense.

- Milan Draženović has been attacking me for some time in his comments. He calls me a little Bosancic. If he thinks it's an insult to me, let me, I'm proud of that. What I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a complex for me. In the end, it's just about him. I graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, and he speaks some of the lies that I have bought a diploma in Bosnia and Herzegovina so I seriously think that I am going to institute criminal proceedings against him. Well, we can not act as local sheriffs, and he obviously thinks the local sheriff - she concluded Davorka Vukadin Samardzic.

Drazenovic: These are lies, they are crazy!

The so-called all charges were denied by claiming that the entrance to the room where the HSU meeting was held was, but we were to pick up the chairs, nothing else. They also note that the meeting of four HSUs was held in a room occupied by over a hundred people, while 20 was in a much smaller room. SMS heads accuse HSUs of lying in a dirty campaign.

Milan Draženović claims that he did not insult anyone, especially Davork Vukadin Samardzic. As far as space usage is concerned, he adds that the terms of use of the hall of the said commune board have not yet been resolved, given that there are now two pensioners, and until recently there was only one. In addition, he explains, there are other parties - HDZ, SDP, HSP AS. They all have the same right to use the premises.

- It has nothing to do with the truth. There was one party, now there are two. Four members of HSU were present and wanted a large hall. Their former members, twenty of them, were in the second hall, the smaller. They do not want to go with each other. Well, we can not put barricades between them in the Local Committee. I was at the 20 and at some other minute in the space, I asked them to hold the agreement. But yes, I've been picking up HSU members. I told them that Silvano Hrelja and Davorka Vukadin Samardžić were so good organizers, then HSU would have the president of the state, the government. So we have a million and 200 thousand pensioners, no party has so many voters. And they immediately insulted and started with such accusations - told president of the GC Donja Dubrava Council Milan Draženović.

named Albina Benčec claims that only once, or perhaps twice, they entered the room of their day-to-day party colleagues to take their chairs. He also said that no verbal accounts had been made, either on its side or by Milan Draženović, or as a member of the Party of Labor and Solidarity Milan Bandic.

- It's about pure jealousy of my late-night colleagues. Zagreb's HSU has left numerous members and joined the newly founded Inter-Genational Solidarity Party, chaired by Milan Bandic's Socialist Party Chairman Višnja Fortuna. And that is a problem, we are now on the opposing sides, and local elections are closer to us. Dirty games, nausea, jealousy, I do not know what the reason, but probably something out there, but there was no conflict and verbal counts. Mr. Draženović has come, welcomed us in one room, in the other and that is it - she said for Next Albina Benčec from SMSH.

The first man of the HDZ city Andrija Mikulić, questioned for the mayor's candidate and party, recalled several times that the elections in Zagreb were not just a struggle for the mayor, but also the councils of the city districts and the local committees. This conflict, but also the recent one in the Maksimir City Hall, what we wrote, they confirm it.