Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Tuesday that the impossibility of selling land to Spacvi, previously bought by the state for 34 million, is "the logical consequence" of what he warned a year ago and why he "had to turn down the minister" Slavko Linić, who "He did not want to do anything".

"What is now revealed is a completely logical consequence of what I warned a year ago and why I had to turn down a minister who did not want to do anything and then I had a very nasty situation in the party, but I do not look because it's my government, Milanovic told journalists after the opening of the exhibition "Good old laws - the tradition of suppressing corruption in Croatia" in the Zagreb National Theater.

"The report says that the eagle does not fly flies, that no one offends, I can not deal with such things, but when they come to my eyes and see them then I have to react and ask their associates to react to them and when they reject the three months I have to remove them. A year later, without anyone accusing me of having committed a criminal offense because I do not know it and can not determine it, someone else is in charge of it if it is at all interested. The fact is that the state, apart from the very stretchy provisions of the Pledge Settlement Act, which can be forgiven a lot, took under the bill a property that now in the auction failed to sell for 12 times a smaller amount. That's something wrong. All I did was say the same thing a year ago, I did not tell anyone that he was a thief and a criminal, I did not bother, but I can not overcome that, "Milanovic said.

He said that the case was "now ad acta" and that Croatia will not fail, but that it shows "what kind of obsolescence and perhaps misuse is possible". "Now, it's perfectly clear, and someone's going to and frolicking, trying to turn the subject for a year is not a campaign, it's a lot more serious than the campaign," Milanovic added.

In February this year, Uskok announced that the former SDP Finance Minister, now Independent MP Linić, had not abused his powers and position in the case of the pre-tribunal agreement of the Spačva Wood Industry and that there were no maladies in that settlement that would have damaged the state budget. Linić expressed his satisfaction with such a finding by Uskoka.