Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić said on Tuesday he "did not know about possible exploitation licenses" in Zagreb, and publishing such news ahead of his guest appearance at HTV called "Goebbels Methods".

"In the Zagreb Holding and the City Administration there are 23.000 employees and the Mayor does not know what 22.999 is doing now. I'm not anxious. If someone is doing something and there is a solution for it - some people will answer, "Bandic said at a press conference in the City Administration that he summoned for media writings that there are suspicions that some city officials favored investors by approving the use permits of buildings that did not meet the requirements of the law about construction, and in turn, they got apartments and garages. In addition to this, the media also state that some of them have several properties that they would not be able to buy with average wages without a credit burden.

Uskok prepares the investigative action, and Bandic is threatened with the accused by dismissal

After the story about obtaining apartments and garages came to the public, the Uskok was involved. Lawyer Ljiljana Maravić Pirš confirmed for HRT that she 'contacted Uskoka' and was ready to submit to the investigators all evidence, and allegedly there are other witnesses who want to testify about the latest malfeasance in the City Administration. Although in Uskoku it was not possible to obtain an official statement from sources of close inquiries, it is unofficially known that in this case they are preparing so- pre-investigative actions.

Bandic stated that "in the City of Zagreb 15,5 years there is a zero tolerance rate for crime". "If someone is responsible, they will have to answer. It is known what to do - the dismissal, "he said, but also asked how such information on usage permits was launched before his guest appearance on" Sunday at 2 "and how to request a list of members of the Licensing Licenses Commission from the City exactly from the 2000 period. to 20015. "Do you know that before that was the 'artis lege'?" He asked.

And Goebbels would be alert to the announcement of the potential jumper in the Bandic City Council, the campaign obviously went on, he said regretting, "If it's not bad then Bandic, and if so, then it's all." He also called on the media to send out concrete names to people who found discrepancy in property, and were in the commission because more than 7.000 issued permissions were seven to nine commissions from 49.000 people.

'Mayor Does not Work'

When asked if the journalist is responsible for him, Bandic is responsible for not having the mayor doing it. The city's control office will work with the competent institutions, he said.

The head of the City Office for Physical Planning and Construction Dinko Bilic explained that the issuance of the use permits in the office of the office, but in principle, for each building, the commission for technical review is different because it is about members-external associates.

"The issuance of the use permits is in the interest of the City Office for Construction. The employee who issued the building permit is headed by the committee and convenes a commission for a technical inspection to issue the usage permit. Other members are external associates for construction, electrical and mechanical installations and all representatives of state administration bodies and legal persons who have issued special conditions and approvals in the process of issuing approved acts of construction. In principle, for each building the commission is different, "Bilić said.

Bilić reported that he was from 2000. Up until today, more than 7.000 usage permits have been issued in Zagreb. He noted that the City of Zagreb did not run a special register of members of the technical examination and that the usage permit could be issued when all members of the commission find that the building was constructed in accordance with the construction permit and that they are written in writing. Every member controls their area or their profession, says Bilić, and points out that the city administration is not responsible for the quality of the works carried out by the contractor and the supervising engineer appointed and paid by the investor. The city administration, says, controls the legally prescribed documentation that the investor has to obtain before submitting the application for a use permit.

In the media, the best example is that the "system has landed" the mentioned settlement Vrbani III where in two buildings in Palinovečka tenants do not have drinking water or polluted with mineral oils to date, the buildings were built by the main project and yet a licensed permit was issued.