Krešimir Macan, photo: Ahmet Kalajdžić, source: Facebook

We talked this morning with the well-known PR expert Krešimir Macan. The theme was, of course, a burning Zagreb policy. The local elections are closer to us, and the two largest parties still do not have their own mayoral candidates, but that does not mean that something in HDZ and SDP's kitchen does not cook. The question is just what?

HDZ's Margareta Mađerić entered last race in Zagreb in the first half of February, soon in March, and HDZ still has no candidates for Zagreb?

They just overturned and now hope they will repeat the blitzkrieg of Plenkovic from August when he won parliamentary elections with the super candidate. The question is whether they are a super candidate, and then have enough time. And perhaps most importantly, how much actual support will get an octogenic candidate from the Zagreb organization itself.

Do you think that Milan Bandic and HDZ are possible?

Politics is pragmatic. Bandic may remain a mayor, but I certainly will not control the Assembly and will need a solid coalition partner, so the primary task of any HDZ candidate will be to be as good as the HDZ list. After the elections, all arrangements are possible.

Bruna Esih?

Bruna Esih has no chance of becoming a mayor, but can make a solid result. If it went as HDZ candidate, it would force moderate voters to Bandic, and it would be a gift to Bandic in the campaign.

And Ivan Pernar?

Ivan Pernar could decide who would enter the second round. Too many candidates mean ending support, fragmentation and then it may happen that the first two candidates enter the second round with below 30 percent of the support, and then anyone can enter it, and that the other round is totally unsafe. I believe that Lives Wall for Pernar to enter the Assembly, maybe personally if they will carry a list and we can expect interesting sessions of the Assembly in the next mandate, especially if these mandates are missing for most. Politics still has no answer to Pernar and as long as it does not exist it will be a factor - you liked it or not.

Even the SDP has not yet pointed out its candidate, but could it be HNS's Anka Mrak Taritaš?

In politics you have to be pragmatic if you do not have a better option. With SDP support, Anka Mrak Tartiaš becomes a likely counter-candidate for Milan Bandic in the second round, where, according to current research, he wins because the Zagrebers want change. So they will swallow a bit of pride, but they could get the mayor after many years. I would not call it a bad deal. And that Holding so many people are looking for. The last case with cash transfers from Holding says that the things in Holding have taken quite a bit of control because everyone dares to think that he can take a little, even if so amateur, when they are all taking it.

Is there any candidate who could seriously threaten Milan Bandic? He is convinced he will win again.

Anka Mrak Taritaš, if behind it is created a block led by SDP. Sandra Švaljek is down and there is no strong party logistics and the money needed to get Zagreb. Zagreb can never be only sympathetic.