Bruna Esih, source: Facebook

For a period of three months, they stayed up to local elections. Their result in Zagreb could be uncertain at the very end, at least to believe in polls. But there is still a lot of unknown in the equation - it is unknown who will be the HDZ candidate, and it does not even know whether the SDP will have its own Zagreb man or will support HNS's Anka Mrak Taritaš.

As we learned from the circuits close to the leadership of the HDZ, Zagreb's race could still be the president of the city's party organization Andrija Mikulić while they are often mentioned Bruna Esih i Martina Bienenfeld came out of the game, and that's his decision.

Milan Bandic, also Andreja Plenković a close leader of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienefeld, we know, has denied any possibility of participating in the elections in Zagreb. Her games were played in the Zagreb branch of the party, in Gundulićeva, as well as in the Victims' Square of fascism.

- Everybody is fighting for supremacy, all part of the cake, and Martina Bienenfeld does not want to participate in it. There is still too much work in the Zagreb Tourist Board to deal with the HDZ's battles. One game is played by Andrej Plenković, second Milijan Brkić, third Andrija Mikulić, and there is still a whole range of smaller players who would all share their part of Zagreb's cake - he told Further a source close to the leadership of the HDZ.

Martina Bienenfeld

We find that Bruno Esih has given up on the Zagreb ring. Like Martini Bienenfeld, she has had to fight her against the HDZ, each pulling to her side, and she was overwhelmed when she saw the surveys and comments of analysts who did not give her too much in Zagreb.

- Bruno Essi certainly will not run for the Zagreb mayor, but he will probably be in some combination for the City Assembly. But it also depends, nothing is certain yet - our source from HDZ concluded, confirming this information from Bruno Esih alone.

Bruna Esih, source: Facebook

Anyway, it seems that with Bandic and Dad, Sandrom Švaljek i Ankom Mrak Taritaš, try Andrija Mikulić in Zagreb. But that is likely to be only a parade for HDZ to have a candidate while "under the table" Milan Bandic and Andrej Plenkovic continue to negotiate the division of Zagreb. Will it be a 2 + 2 system, which we have already written on our portal, a post-election coalition or something else, remains to be seen.

Andrej Plenković and Milan Bandic

HDZ's are turning to Sandri Švaljek

However, numerous HDZ leaders, continues our source, turns to Sandri Švaljek, who in his team led the war commander of the Tigers, Major General Jozo Milicevic. He seems to be in his sleeve, at least as far as a part of Zagreb HDZ's and defenders are concerned.

Sandra Švaljek and Jozo Milicevic

On the other hand, we have HNS's Anku Mrak Taritaš, whose latest poll gives the best odds in Zagreb. According to the research findings of the Promocija Plus agency, which I have commissioned by HNS, while in the second round of local elections in Zagreb will find Anka Mrak Taritaš and Milan Bandić. He has more than 28 percent votes, and she has almost 27 percent votes. The third one according to the research was Sandra Švaljek with 24 percent of votes. In the second round, 52,4 percent of votes would have won the HNS candidate for which Bandic would miss almost 5 percent, as he would win 47,6 percent voter votes.

- I look forward to the positive trends that have lasted for the last nine months, which show how people recognize me as the first face of change. There is still a lot to do and our fellow citizens have to present all the programs that will make a real change in Zagreb. I believe the second round will be a referendum for changes - she told the next HNS candidate for Zagreb Anka Mrak Taritaš.

The good result of HNS depends on the SDP

The good result of the HNS candidate also depends on the SDP, which is still in the run to support it or go out with its own candidate. IN Interviews for Further PR Specialist Krešimir Macan said that, with SDP support, Anka Mrak Taritaš could really beat Milan Bandic. But this support depends on many things. While the president of that party Davor Bernardić and some of the members want to support the HNS candidate, the second part is strongly opposed, and many call it political suicide, both by Davor Bernardic and by the SDP. Of course, there are also negotiations on "armchair division", which will also depend on support. If HNS complies with the SDP and given him key positions in the city, such as the deputy mayor, the Management Board, and the like, the deal could and could fall. HNS's support is warmly welcomed.

"I expect talks with my SDP colleagues soon and I hope we will succeed in achieving a broad-based superstar platform that will achieve success in the elections," said Anka Mrak Taritaš.

And while in HNS they resemble the results of the poll, Sandra Svaljek throws the ball down to the ground and points out that soon another survey will be released to the public, with slightly different results.

- In the latest poll that is still to be published, I still hold the second spot firmly. But it's nice to see that even in the HNS poll I keep a solid 24 percent of votes - she told The Next Independent Candidate Sandra Švaljek.

On the arm Milan Bandic may have the number of candidates, which would seem to be a lot. The candidate announced independence a few days ago and the public was almost unknown Hrvoje Franusic, Tuesday made it a group of activists, actors, professors and citizens gathered at the Platform "Zagreb is ours", while the colors of the Bridge will be defended by a confessor and a fiery fan of Dinos Marko Sladoljev. Do not forget, entry into the race has also announced Ivan Pernar.

In any case, things could still happen in Zagreb, more or less to Milan Bandic. We have been convinced of countless times, the water always manages to come to his mill. How many times did his prognosis fall, and he always met his feet. And in this campaign, it seems, he expects that his tried method will start - the election is not mentioned, the anti-candidate does not comment only from the fourth in the fifth, prepares several cool projects that, as if waiting for the elections, lowered prices and Zagreb was there .