Hrvoje Franusic

We joined this morning with Hrvoje Franusic, a potential candidate for the Zagreb mayor. What Zagreb and Zagreb do, what do you think about the most prominent candidates, Milan Bandic, Sandri Švaljek and Anki Mrak Taritaš ...

You recently announced a candidacy for the mayor of Zagreb, what do you offer Zagreb and the Zagrebers?

I offer a different mentality from everything we have seen so far - to take off privileges, to stop drowning wherever it exists, to stop unnecessary projects, to help those who are most socially vulnerable, to repair wild waste landfills, selectively collect waste, to introduce a sustainable and more environmentally friendly public transport , reduce the number of cars in the center.

Plans for further campaigning?

In politics, I introduce revolutionary and good principles - I will not take the remuneration for election promotion, but my resources are limited, I have to work so my pre-election activities are limited.

Do you take some of your ideals?

I am the only true novelty of these choices and I offer a completely new mentality. The way the "well-known" candidates function is the old politics and the old mentality that is the past. Fighting for good ideas and doing something that is good, not what we use, is the most beautiful thing in the world. I call on everyone who wants to join me in the struggle for sincerity, honesty, consistency, solidarity because, together with creativity, vision and imagination, can save this city and this society. Life gains a special meaning when a man fights for what is good.

Do you strongly oppose that someone who is elected to one position is running for another?

That's right. What kind of message are sent to citizens all those who are 6-7 months after they have been elected to the Parliament, are running for mayor, prefect, etc. And vice versa ?!

What is the interest of citizens and media for your work, program?

There is interest of citizens for what I do. The app from Zagreb's panorama I put on my Facebook profile in a week looked more than 5700 people. That's a lot for me who has not appeared in the biggest media so far. It is not right that some media are not mentioned at all when they list candidates for the Mayor.

What do you think of the most prominent candidates, Milan Bandić, Anka Mrak Taritaš and Sandri Švaljek?

I do not mean anything about them. If the big media give us at least a few places, the ones you have enumerated would be past, such as the past and ideas that they represent and the mentality they serve. I do not want to brag, but I want to convey the message that not only my way of communication, but ideas and mentality is the only real change and novelty. It seems to me that some of the ones you have enumerated have begun and copied in some things. I'm glad about it, but I can never have the freshness in the ideas and communication I offer.


I will turn on the light in the city budget, to see how much money we have, how much we owe it, to whom we owe it, and then to work on projects such as the reconstruction of the Sljeme helicopter, the restoration of the cultural heritage we inherited and which collapses as long as the money is spent on fountains and rotor.

Do you expect to succeed in gathering signatures for candidacy?

Signatures can not be collected yet, only when the elections are published, somewhere around 21. April. I will need to collect 14 signatures on 5000 days and it will not be easy without these ideas and ideas coming to more people.