In Zagreb there are 1869 bus and 256 tram stations. Many of them are not covered, and some do not even have basic infrastructure, such as a security fence or a table with a timetable. The most common are the stations in the old part of Zagreb, in the center, and in the sub zone zone. They warned the city's HSLS by inviting Milan Bandic's mayor to address this Zagreb problem as well.

- Mayor Milan Bandić is responsible for arranging bus stops. This is clear and loud stemming from the Decision on the Transport of Passengers in Public Transport. The provisions of this Decision say that the Mayor makes a decision on arranging and repairing bus stops - emphasized HSLS deputy at the City Assembly Alen Ostojić adding that, according to the same Decision, each standpoint, according to the priority, must have a seating compartment, traffic information, an exit from the freight train and everything else, such as a fence and a waste bin.

HSLS welcomed the "Bicycle on the bus" project, which the Mayor Bandic allowed with his associates on Wednesday, but say that when it comes to public transport, there are more serious and important issues like this.

- We've been looking for a canopy for five years in our street. We informed all the competent services, and I was with Darinko Kosor on the conversation while still the President of the Assembly. I was also with Andrew Mikulic who promptly reacted and sent our problem with the canister immediately to the City Office for Traffic. I received a letter saying that all this would be put into the program, but that there are some difficulties, that I have written some tipfeler. But they said they would solve it. There is not a single canopy in our entire street and this is a problem. When sun is hot, when the wind blows, it's cold and when it rains, we're wet - he said Veljko Penezić, a resident of the Upper Crossroads and a frequent traveler in ZET buses.

HSLSs believe that the canopies should be set at least on the most frequent positions, to at least partially implement the 2013 City Assembly Decision.

- Compared to 256 million, as per the 2017 Budget. we have, there is no reason not to get this year at least 10 views as God commands - he said Alen Ostojić.

Finally, the HSLS recalled the well-known affair with the canopies and their price, so they thought that maybe that was why they did not set new ones.

- We think the price is a questionable price, because it is unbelievable that we once paid 113 a thousand bucks for the execution of works, while at the same time paid in Rijeka or some other cities three times less, and supposedly this price is far less. The competition, as you know, was announced last year, and so far there is no realization of this contract - said the secretary of the HSLS city Darko Klasić.