Svetimir Maric has not only an influential brother but also a friend and a kuma. As we learned from the Zagreb Holding Officially, Marić was interviewed by Ivica Lovrić, Head of Education, Sports and Culture of Zagreb, on Friday for a job interview.

Lovrić requested from the Zagreb Holding Company's president that Svetimir Marić was employed as a member of the Zagreb Holding Company or as a director of the Integrated Transport Sector.

- Lovric then returns to Marić because he has helped him later to become the director of the Zagreb Railway School. The two are great friends and godfathers - explained to us a well-informed source from Holding why Marić had touched the city's sports head for the job interview with Holding.

He apparently feared that Milan Bandic's Mayor's public referral to Holding might not be sufficient for the high positions that Brother Goran Maric's move is.

Because of this kind of employment in the Zagreb Holding and its subsidiaries, USKOK has already filed several indictments. But then the Kukurika coalition was in power. Will the police and the DORH and under this authority examine the head of sport and education why it trades with its influence and gives illegal orders Management a city company with no official function to ask in the days of Vlaho Orepić and Lovrić's neighbor Dinka Cvitana.

Because neither of them, nor their subordinates, over the past weeks had been too interested in public information as they went from Holding to interest-free and unlawful loans to some companies mixed with oil smugglers. Which, by chance or not, also live near Ivica Lovric and Dinka Cvitana.