The then member of Beljak's HSS and the Zagreb head of the party Nenad Matihe founded a new Green List, with which he will go to the polls in Zagreb. They will not have their own mayoral candidate but will support Milan Bandic with whom he had been in the Coalition at the City Assembly ever since.

Remember, Nenad Matic, like many other HSSs, left that party. They could not find a common language with Kreso Beljak who, apart from pushing the party to the left, was keen on the possibility of any opinion contrary to his own. It came to an end when Matić, Marijan Petir and others suspended when they expressed the desire to run for intra-party elections.

The green list of Nenad Matić at these moments brings together 700 members in Zagreb and 300's out of Zagreb. The main points of the program are their sustainable development, ecology, care for the Croatian village, domestic production and everything that goes with it. They also put special emphasis on the protection of pets.

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The upcoming local elections will support, along with SMSH Višnje Fortune, current mayor Milan Bandic, who attended Sunday's meeting of the newly established Green List.