How did a general find a headquarters in Sandra Švaljek?

Generals are always at some headquarters. But I say that I'm in the idea of ​​Sandra Švaljek, in her team, not in the headquarters. The time comes when you have to make some decisions, so the engagements are social or some other. And when I retired, I decided to continue to contribute to society. The vision of Sandra Švaljek about the city's management was most appealing to me, and as I had certain life and professional experiences I thought I could help her.

But enough of your troops are with Milan Bandic.

Not only to Milan Bandic, but also to other parties. Their engagement I appreciate and respect. Their decision is their decision and I do not mind to answer them. I want them all the best.

Why do you think it's time for Milan Bandic to leave?

I do not think that it is time for Milan Bandic to leave and that his team will either go or get killed. I do not want anything to be understood as a revanchism towards a man or his people. I just think the city needs change, how the city needs to open up new ideas to make a modern and European metropolis. I want the city to be comfortable for living with all its citizens.

How do you think that you are contributing? Usually generals engage in national politics. Are not they too much in the local area?

I am proponent of gradual and systematic. A lot of people think when they are offered some function that they should long ago or deserve more. I think politics is a craft that needs to bake. And I decided for the local level because I think I can make the biggest contribution there. There is also less hiding than on a national level, you face to face with your voters. This is a much bigger challenge. And the idea of ​​Sandra Švaljek came right at the right time.

I read on social networks that some of the defenders Sandri Švaljek neglected the lack of patriotism whatever that meant ...

This is a general measurement and is very sensitive if you do not have a good metering system. These personal scales are the most dangerous. What does patriotism mean to you?

That's what i ask ...

Since when we have a Croatian state I have not heard from anyone in power as to say that it is not a patriotism. What's the problem? Why would Sandra Švaljek be an anti-Croatian element? What to scream around town: I'm a Croat, a Croat for me? Sandra Švaljek is a smart and educated citizen who knows that you can no longer manipulate national feelings. There is no national threat, it does not threaten us. We have no dangerous international situation. We have a difficult economic situation that causes all other disorders in society. And by stimulating the better economic development of the City of Zagreb as a generator of development, we contribute to a better and more pleasant atmosphere in the whole society.

If Sandra Svaljek wins if you see in the administration or stay in the City Assembly?

She was attracted to Sandra Svaljek by saying that she never talked about the functions. He never let anyone talk about it, even me, and I did not even think of asking her. You are witnesses of how this story is about, and how they offered it a good place to join in to someone else. That staffing and sharing of chairs has brought us where we are. Sandra Švaljek has clearly stated that she will seek solely competent and competent people and that she will include all her decisions with the profession and the people of the profession, but also the citizens. And that is one big democratic advance and step forward. And that is why I think she is the person who can make changes because she has never been talking to anyone about any of the functions.

And Bandic likes to call on the profession ...

I see that all these people in the political functions since the nineties have made themselves known to the greatest experts, but after the expiration of their position and mandate nobody needs it anymore. And they all are looking for a hunt. They are all great experts while in civil service. And nobody's looking for them.

What does Bandic do badly or what would Shvaljek do better?

You do not even have to use your last name. Just walk around the city. Has the city moved so far as to tell and whether there is room for greater progress. I think they exist. These are all cosmetic and occasional interventions.

What needs Zagreb most?

Zagreb needs intellectual and labor freedoms. And civil liberties. That people can do what they want and can be confirmed. This is what Zagreb misses most.

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