Milan Bandic did not have such a strong competition in one of the local elections as he has. But his main competitors as in recent weeks have forgotten that their main goal is to dethrone him.

Anka Mrak Taritaš and Sandra Švaljek lead the pre-election battle for the second place that turns day after day into a real Sisterhood war.

Their teams so much muddle each other on social networks to make the voters feel that they are nothing better than him.

Nobody is talking about Bandic's affairs and court proceedings, but Zagrepčani remembers daily that the two of them hired husbands.

Even a little while, Bandic will go to the saint because he does not hire his wife anywhere.

The pre-election teams of both candidates start from the same assumption. It is important to enter with Bandic in the second round and all their strengths are fulfilled in order to win another place that ensures it (as if it was first reserved for the longest Zagreb mayor). Then in the second round, counting their teams, will automatically get the voters of this other.

But if the two of them continue to fight so much against one another, will they really be so? What will motivate the electorate of the candidates who finish third in elections to reach the second round of elections at all? Because if their mutual difamational campaign continues, why would voters be motivated to come out in large numbers and vote against Bandic.

Why would they vote against what neither of them in the campaign almost no longer stand out as the main problem of this city.

And he is not a problem, but in his problematic behavior he becomes more and more homosexual. What can easily be done because the tactics of his counter-candidates are not to be ignored. So you spend the taxpayer's money more burdensome than ever, and through the link employs all the more incompetent people with less shame. And this is borne by a smaller number of taxpayers.

And who dares to resist it at all? She tried Zrinka Paladino. From that, he was degraded and humiliated, and the people and the media, whose hero was a few days, was quickly forgotten.

Every new Zrinki Paladino sends a strong message. Or silence and suffer or go out of this city. And from this city, as well as from the state, the best people go daily.

Our best children leave and leave the town of Bandic and its streets. They are doing what they want from town and citizens. Let their daughters and women be humiliated and laugh at their faces.

And while this is all happening, Sandra Švaljek and Anka Mrak Taritaš are like two wrestlers in front of the feet of a drunken bookmaker in the mud.

If the two of them do not think they deserve and can do more and better than that, then why would they think that to me? Why would they give them a voice? In any round?

If they really care about the positive changes in this city as convinced by our pre-election programs, Sandra Švaljek and Anka Mrak Taritaš should come out of the whirlwind in which each other walks. We should sit somewhere, if possible and alone, without their witty pre-election teams, to agree mutual attitudes or at least fairer rules of the game. Because, if they continue, they will not kill themselves.

They will kill, the more terrible, and the little hope this year has shown that Zagreb and the Zagreb may finally restore their dignity. Dignity to live in a city that does not host the caretakers.

It is not true that Bandic is unbeatable. He is victorious even in the first round. But to do that, Sandra Švaljek and Anka Mrak Taritaš have to start believing.

If the two of them do not believe in them, why would they trust them?

If Sandra Švaljek and Anka Mrak Taritaš want to be a mayor, then they struggle to be the first. The first women of this city in front, not behind Milan Bandic.