Sanela Dropulić, source: Facebook

The link between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship is the aim of the Southeast European Business Congress, to be held on Wednesday, the International Women's Day. About the first congress in Croatia we talked with his organizer, entrepreneur and journalist, Sanel Dropulić.

On Wednesday, on the International Women's Day, the Congress of South-East Europe Entrepreneurs will be held in Zagreb for the first time, what is this?

At the congress, we expect 650 entrepreneurs from all over Southeast Europe, literally from Slovenia to Bulgaria. They will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Zagreb Fair, at the Congress Center, under the auspices of President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Vice Prime Minister of the Government, Martina Dalić, along with numerous partners, and this is also the largest business gathering of women in business since there is a market economy in this part of the world.

What is the purpose of Congress?

The only goal is to connect and co-operate entrepreneurs in this part of Europe to overcome the paradigm that only criminals can successfully cooperate in these areas.

What awaits us all at Congress?

First of all, we are organizing a "business speed dating" that will be the largest ever organized in this area, and it is an overture to demolish the Guinness World Record we are organizing at Congress next year. So, in one and the combined "business speed dating" we will set the basics for that first contact and exchange of some first information. We have a whole host of motivating lectures to help entrepreneurs clarify the culture of business in this area, which is very specific in relation to some other states, and, of course, to overcome some of our differences between the ideologies of these spaces and the rather difficult and vulnerable past. But entrepreneurs are those who will put it on the shoulders and show that we can go ahead.

Will the panels be held?

We also have several panels, "Regional NEsurveillance", "Entrepreneurial Inquisition", where we will actually have concrete answers to what we have to do tomorrow after the Congress, and of course how to further enhance it in mutual co-operation.

What is Southeast Europe specific to, why exactly that region?

What is specific to Southeast Europe is that we do not have language barriers, that we once shared the common past and the state, and that should be used as a comparative advantage rather than as a cause for war.

Plans for the future are even bigger?

This is the first in a series of congresses, created as the forerunner of the Croatian Entrepreneur Congress that we had organized and visited by many locals from the region last year and which prompted us to bring it to a higher level, up to 2020. when Croatia's first 6 months are chairing the European Union, and in this honor we will organize the Congress of European Entrepreneurs, and we stand there even though our sky is not a limit.