We talked with Hrvoje Franusic, potential candidate for Zagreb mayor. Potential because behind it, as it says, there is no party machine, there are not a lot of powers and money, so the question is whether to collect 5 000 signatures in order to compete. He hopes to succeed because he offers something new, different from all the others.

He offers pure cheek, honesty and word. To win, he would give up half of the mayor's salary in favor of small entrepreneurship. Head of Zagreb would have a full term without the desire to run for something else that most politicians are doing. The car would be caught immediately with the waste and the traffic that, he says, encircled the center of Zagreb. It would also set up the City Office for the Future, which would be headed for the future, whose role, literally, to look into the future - to plan for Zagreb for 10, 50 or even 100 years.

Franusic does not promise big projects because he does not know what the state of the city's cash register is. He does not want to be one of those who promise hills and valleys without knowing what he has.

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