Sport on Sundays

For more than a decade on small screens, or a small screen of Z1 television, the show "Sport Sundays" is broadcast. In addition to the promotion of top sports and top athletes, the show is often seen by less popular sports as well as athletes-amateurs, athletes with disabilities, and all that "big" often forgets. The congressional congressional congressman has also awarded the award for the best sports show in 2016, deservedly, many will agree. About this, and more, we talked with Editor and Sports Manager on Sunday, Antom Brek.

You recently received recognition for your work, what are you doing?

Truth! As I said at the very showdown: "Finally!" Without exaggerated modesty, I really objectively think that we have earned the prize earlier. But for great stories, it's never too late, right? Yes, the award of our association, the Association of Sports Journalists, has awarded us the award for the best sports show in 2016. When you add the athlete's awards for disability to exceptional media coverage ... then we can say that this year is a "trophy", a sporting word said.

There is something else we are particularly proud of. This is the first time that one, call a local show, received the award of the Sports Journalists' Association. And there is an honor here not only for us but also for all employees, editors and colleagues in the direction and behind the camera on Z1 television.

Did Mayor Bandić receive you?

After hearing it, somehow he found out, and it was not difficult for him to watch our show when he arrived, the mayor suggested meeting him. And he received us. It was a pleasant meeting where we recalled some details from our meetings, and there were a lot of them. We have approached the way in which we are actually doing all this time, I would say "reprimand" the laws when the creation, production and emission of broadcasts are in question.

Sport on Sunday at Bandic

How long have you been filming so far, and who did everything in the study? Although I think it would be easier to list those who are not, right?

Eleven seasons, almost 470 emissions. When you add that there are at least 3 study themes on the show (once, and sometimes by 3 people per topic), and even with 8-10 precision-reeled reports, it's not easy to figure out how much a person has been studying. And if we get names ... almost everyone was. But let's say of our well-known people we did not have (true, no one has ever lived alive), this is our celebrated captain of the soccer team Zvon Boban. With him it would be a special show, surely.

As well as promoting top sports and top athletes, you also pay a lot of attention to "small sports", amateur and local athletes in Zagreb.

We are particularly proud of this, honestly. Small sports for us do not exist! They do not have media treatment like soccer, basketball, handball, water polo. But watch the wrestling - Božo Starčević and Dominik Etlinger at the Zagreb Grand Prix beat their competition, being the best wrestlers in the world, making people an organizational spectacle in Trnsko, numerous families attending an event that would not be scandalized in Hollywood, and in our media text sketches . And then there is Sport on Sundays. We all said.

At Zagreb's sport, however, we look like a Croatian sports fan, so 65 is the best of everything that is beautiful for us.

What are you particularly proud of, a show, a guest or a theme you've opened?

We are proud of each and every time, indeed there was enough, in situations where in some way we "discover" a good story. Suppose an athlete, athlete or team could do some good results soon. Like the predictions ... and when it turns out that we "hit the bullshit", no one happier, more proud of us.

There were a lot of special situations, but let's say we had some "different" - say in the live 150 show's celebration at a shopping mall in Zagreb. It was 2010. It seems to me that for the first time Milan Bandic appeared as an independent candidate in the pre-election campaign for the president. We sent the script to this ceremony and called at least 3 a week ago to the mayor's office and duly called him and his team all right. Only for the shooting, mayor Bandic, now an independent candidate for the president of the Republic of Croatia and his deputy mayor Ivo Jelusic, who is, of course, SDP and "lobbying" for Josipovic. Uuu, it was frightening ... everyone is watching our move, how to make the first announcement, to whom to give the microphone, so we're good, to one and the other. Solomon's Solution (we will not be in politics at our helm) Zlatko Mateša, President of the Croatian Armed Forces, held an introductory speech.

Or, singing in the studio of Zdravko Mamić, refrain those of her dear "No one can do anything, we are stronger than fate ..." with the approval of a young man in a studio from a football club - the portals were lit up after the show, and Zdravko 24 hours later ended in Remetinac . Here, I would give you some details, but believe, every show has some of its features, insanity, incredibility, and great satisfaction when doing a good job. And the viewers are persisting for 11 years yet!

And for the rest, please introduce me your team, your associates?

I think a better team than this could not be. The team's base is almost unchanged from the first day.

Vlado Turković, a producer, it is a world machine. Keeps all the strings of the production part in your hands, making sure that every time in the ether is going to be a more quality image, that everything works in the best way. And yet, not a small number of times, he takes the camera, slides into the field, or throws it off.

Jozo Babić is our killer shooter. He asks questions that others just imagine to put them in front of the mirror. Often we or our colleagues hesitate to be very direct, but there is no one in our Joze, so often the interlocutors are kept silent. But then all around when the truth is answered, they start rewriting.

Tina Živaković is our new co-founder, a future graduate kinesiologist - knows sport, is marvelous and wants to make progress in this business.

They're still there Milan Rosan, director, legend of HRT, who, though retired, wanted to try something different. He often says "you've brought me back to life". It is immensely important to his immense experience. There is also Damir Kišić, in charge of the most important, marketing.

We're a team, an outsider, and we're all fundraising ourselves. Yes, we're dealing with this, but it's our life. That's why we are not bored and that's why we love it because we love doing this and we live on our 24 hour of our show.