The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that Ledo Chicken meat has been cut from the market by chopped 500 grams, freezing the product with the date of freezing 10. July 2015. and a period of use up to 9. July 2016., because bacteria from the genus Salmonella were found in the meat.

The manufacturer is Mesfino from Čazma, and Ledo is a distributor of products.

As reported in the Ministry's announcement, a notification from the Health Improvement Department of the Ministry of Health on finding a Salmonella-derived bacterium in frozen chicken meat (presence in 25 g) was received through the HR RASFF system.

The microbiological analysis of the product found that it does not comply with the EC 2073 / 2005 Decree, which does not allow the presence of bacteria from Salmonella spp. In minced meat and meat preparations of poultry meat placed on the market during their shelf life, according to the Ministry's statement who note that adequate heat treatment of food inactivates the causative agent.

Ledo also advised consumers about the withdrawal of the said product and invites them to contact them if they have the product listed to allow them to be replaced or refunded.