Josip Nalis,

Zagreb Concert Directorate ceases to exist, ie, it joins the Concert Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski. Although in the explanation of this Bandic proposal it is argued that, among other things, it will rationalize the use of budget funds and enable better programming planning and funding of music institutions, the shadow of the whole story cast two unsuccessful attempts to re-appoint Josip Nalis, director of the Concert Directorate, refused because of the fact that Nalis was one of the suspects in the affair of Bundekfest.

At a session in December Milan Bandic with the support of its city representatives, tried to move the appointment Josipa Nalisa director of the Zagreb Concert Directorate, but he did not succeed because he did not even support his MPs from the HDZ. The same happened at a session in mid-February, when this proposal was rejected for the second time, although Bandic's assemblies tried hard to explain to colleagues why Nalis was of the utmost importance.

Nalis, in fact, led the Concert Director in his earlier term, and was asked to re-appoint him as the Governor Bandic spoke to the Assembly, the work performed very well and even solved some of the financial problems that the Concert Directorate has been in for a long time .

Nothing helped, assemblies were relentless, and for the second time they denied Bandic, because at the head of the Zagreb Concert Director they did not want to set up one of the main actors of the Bundekfest affair, where Nalis and several other suspects are charging almost 6,5 million kuna .

Interestingly, in the whole story, the Concert Directorate is now on its way to the Concert Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski, only a month after all forces at the head of the Directorate tried to set Nalis.

- Only the merger of the Concert Directorate of Zagreb Vatroslav Lisinski is not controversial, but it is surprising and confusing that this is happening so suddenly, without a more detailed explanation, without notice, only a month after we listened to the session of the Assembly and the Culture Committee the importance of the Directorate, of Nalis's achievements as its director and of the importance of his re-appointment - he told the next HNS Assembly Representative Tomislav Stojak.

Remembers Stojak and how about two years ago he was talking about joining Concert Directorate Vatroslav Lisinski, and then no one had anything to do about it. Anyway, that explains, it was a logical move when most of the concerts organized by the Directorate were held right in the halls of Lisinski.

- That was so much to talk about, this proposal had to be found on the agenda of the Assembly, but Bandic had suddenly withdrawn him and we have not heard any words since. Now it is proposed again, just so, ad hoc, and I repeat that one month after listening to the urgency of naming Josip Nalis, director of the Concert Directorate. And what if we named him, then would this merger take place - Stojak asks.

As we come from sources well acquainted with the situation, a lot of this is hidden in the whole story, and the last one is minded to mention the cost rationalization.

- Josip Nalis said a lot about this when questioning at USKOK, which could cause harm to Bandic's associates, even Bandic himself. But Nalis was ready to withdraw his statement, if he was appointed Director of the Concert Directorate. That is why two times with that proposal went to the Assembly. What is going to be with Nalis now, I do not know, but it will probably get some important place in the new institution - our source tells us.

He also adds that behind the idea of ​​joining the Lisinski Directorate supposedly stands as Assistant to the Head of Culture Tedi Lušetić who, if after the elections in Zagreb, a new set-up reigns, "rhythm" the job in the new institution.

The session of the Assembly, which will discuss the joining of Concert Directorate Vatroslav Lisinski, is scheduled for 21. this moon. We will see what assembly members this whole story will have to say, and how will all of Bandic's HDZ partners be set up.