Matea Remenarić

Almost every day we witness exodus of people from Croatia, mostly young people, who are looking for a better life in the white world. One of them was Matea Remenaric, a nurse who looked for better life in far Ireland, Dublin. And he found it. Working in the profession and for his work is paid, and the money he gets can and live does not just survive.

How long have you been in Dublin and how did you (and why) decide to leave Croatia, from Zagreb?

I'm in Dublin for the year and 8 months, and the reason why I decided to leave Croatia is because we have not been able to do any kind of affairs for the church. In the profession I could not work because my training was not paid, and I was expecting me to shift from 12 hours without any fees or even shipping charges.

What are you doing there, and what is the ratio of salary and cost?

I am currently working as a healthcare assistant, in principle, very much like what nurses are doing in Croatia. I pay my 2500 Euro here a month net, my monthly 1200 cost drops to half the rent, food, travel, and car. So, the 1300 Euros remain to me.

What kind of employers are there? Is there, like here, mobbing, exploitation, pay slips, etc., and is it hard to find a job?

For nurses, there is as much work as you want because they are missing in Ireland, and their nurses usually work in Britain, Australia or the United States. The salary is regular, there is no delay, as far as other professions are concerned, I know that the developers are very demanding. You can find work almost always, only the question is whether you want to work for the minimum, which is by no means worthy of me, especially if you are alone, unless the solving of existence is not primary, but rather fun and life with roommates.

Would you come back to Croatia?

I will come back to Croatia one day when I assure myself of existence, and of course, for the summer each year.

Do you have a boyfriend and a father in Dublin?

We first came to a boyfriend and myself, we did not know anyone, nor did we have anyone in Ireland and we were very close to returning, exactly 2 days to return, and then we both got jobs on the same day and found an apartment (which is often harder than getting job). Dad came later, when we got in, but he did not live with us than with roommates.

And word for the end, what do you advise peers?

Well sincerely, no one would advise them to stay in Croatia unless they have resolved existence, then they do not have to go out. What I can tell people is the biggest difference, so simple: You have the money to afford things that Croatia could not and which for most Croatian citizens are a luxury, and here are part of normal things.